The 3 year old beggar 39 year old actress Kara Hui Sanjin depression Dutch act, how to live someone else's life two

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The 3 year old beggar 39 year old actress Kara Hui Sanjin depression Dutch act, how to live someone else's life two

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Kara Hui announced that she would stop filming, and in 2017 she was 57. Kara Hui has been nearly sixty years of age, is the 3 Award for best actress is still so hard to act... Even if the injury..!

Proud to see the news, more or less feel some regret. Kara Hui said: "how dare I fall, I am empty."." She, therefore, fought for life!

Pauper Princess

The fate is so elusive, a year after she met the first class life, director Zhang Che. She was directed by Chang Cheh "Legend of the Condor Heroes" formal entry.

Hongkong is the golden age of the martial arts movie film of 80s, Kara Hui, Chia-Liang Liu, Han Hsiang Li, Chang Cheh mainly take the three directors of the martial arts drama, and become the "female red".

Why did she become the first female lead of the big directors? Because "no life, willing to bear hardships."". Kara Hui himself recalls:

"Why can I be the first female lead? That's because when she took the" rotten head ", the actress shot the first shot and was beaten. She said it was very painful, and then went away quietly.

One shot was hit more than 40 times, but just gave a script like this. Here it was. An actor rushed over and hit a few punches. I rushed out, vomited, came back, and was beaten again.

If you change for someone else, do you still go? But I can't go. The reason is that if I don't get through this, I don't have a chance. If I want to be a star, I can have a good life at home."

The 22 year old Kara Hui with "elders" won the first award for best actress. This is so far the only winner of a female character to get by playing.

Kara Hui also fulfilled her wish: poverty alleviation. And Shaw signed a drama, she has 50 thousand yuan income, took the prize, became Hong Kong's "Red Star", every piece of martial arts films are the most popular.

The most regretful thing is suicide

Soon, the Hongkong martial arts film is slowly out of date. "First hit female", Kara Hui is also facing the transformation.

Kara Hui's "red" was spelled out by her life: her belly was pounded forty times without any protective measures; jumped from the sixteen floor; steel pieces were inserted into the back; the bridge of the nose was discounted; so far it was difficult to breathe.

After the award, she wanted to transition, but the company does not allow. "They think I'm an action actor. It's a big box. You can't change it.". Because I am afraid after I finished shooting, I hit the female (image) no more." Kara Hui says.

From the popular to the gas, Kara Hui can not accept such a huge drop. She suffers from depression. She shut herself up and refused to see anyone.

Kara Hui said, she just felt "very no face, I have no reason to fail, there is no reason no one wants."." So he pushed himself into a corner and swallowed his own medicine.

Beyond death is rebirth

"Only a bloody life can face a bloody death" and vice versa. Suicide was rescued Kara Hui, put down all the burden, silent filming.

In 2003, the show started from the start. "I know I belong to the movies, even if it's a day or two. As long as it's a good character, I'll try my best to do it well."." Said Kara Hui.

Time never fails to live up to earnest people. She is in "Infernal Affairs" as Ni Yongxiao's sister, the play is not much but penetrating.

Of course, we are well acquainted with Kara Hui as a supporting role in the TVB TV series "palace scheming.".

Then for a small cost in the literary film "demons" in a strong desire to control the role of mother to son, Kara Hui won the twenty-ninth Award for best actress in 2010.

Her tears on the podium are not just joy, but a lot of other emotions.

Why did Kara Hui come back to the top again? Probably like she said: "life also has many groups of fog, sometimes you are wrapped in fog, nothing can see, very afraid, but you will persist, you passed, there was nothing at all.".

Since winning the first two Academy Awards in 2010, Kara Hui's film career has been getting better and better. In 2017 third won the Academy Award for best actress.

Kara Hui said, "I was in the movie stage, in the first stage to make money, in order to get rid of poverty, and later to find the meaning of survival, and now, it is completely relaxed."." This could be the best comment on her life.

As Kara Hui said, "experienced a 20 year old young, 30 year old and 50 year old and helpless, I can still be successful, all this day is the best arrangement, everyone is a legend.