Nuozha suspected the whole nasal bone, that some very important good nose

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Nuozha suspected the whole nasal bone, that some very important good nose

2017-10-11 07:44:02 203 ℃

Some time ago, in the fashion week take a road map persuasive, users can not help but sigh: "this is too good!" You play the fairy from the debut nuozha is now becoming more and more beautiful, but look carefully found, like the United States and the former nuozha is not the same?

"In addition to more refined temperament, nuozha facial features look more exquisite three-dimensional face, who are without a PS lens, but also fully deserve the beauty.

This is the photo - nuozha recently attended the event, side Yan perfect, especially quite clever nose, it is 365 degrees hassle.

Earlier in the "The Classic of the Great Wilderness" red shadow legend "when the way to shoot, it is not hard to see the nose arc not so smooth, there is a little bit" hump nose".

Although nuozha is really fine tuned nasal this thing can not jump to conclusions, also has a relationship after all and shooting angles and light. But noses really do great for beauty. It determines the whole face of the balance, the shape, height determines the beauty and ugliness, is one of the most prominent features of the face, is the focus of attention.

There are several major criteria for determining whether a nose is good or not:


Length and width of nose

Long nose length for frontal length 1/3, adult 60~75 mm, the width of the nose (two nostrils lateral edge distance) is generally the length of nose 70%. Nose width is about 10 mm, and the nose is about 12 mm.

"Liu Yifei has a good nose, just perfect nose length and width, to a proper extent embedded in a delicate face. Especially in the side, the nose is very tall and straight.

"Dong Jie always gives people a feeling of quiet, but her nose nose is very high, but not too obtrusive. Her face is not a big slap in the face to face, but felt her face, because the tall and straight nose will enable people in the visual feel face becomes small.

"Wu Xin's nose is also very tall, but the nose length is too long, and the tip of the nose slightly downward hook feeling. The nose is slightly wider, so it doesn't count as a standard looking nose.

"Even the Yan burst table values rerba, also feel his nose is a bit too high.


Nostril shape

The nostrils were oval, no less than the diameter of the inner corner of the nose.

"Have a hybrid Michele Lee 1/4 in Portugal the three-dimensional features needless to say, her nose did not like westerners and Asians than abrupt, Alice, very much in line with the Oriental aesthetic beauty for nose.

The same as hybrids, with 1/4 representatives of British descent Cecilia Cheung is naturally high Yan value. Her nose is more delicate than Michele Lee, common radian and upturned nose nose nostril is only Westerners, standard oval, the nose is pretty typical.

"Kelly Chan's nose is not low, but the nose looks too wide, will make people feel that some large nostrils lack of beauty.



Also can be divided into three categories. Narrow alar: nose width is less than the distance between the two eyes; middle alar: nearly equal length; broad nose: nose wider than the distance between the two eyes. Nose is hemispherical, nose high 1/3 or 1/4, male about 13.2mm, female about 11.6mm.

Liyan Tong's face with a long straight nose, big eyes, small Liwo collocation and teeth is a perfect face!

"As a pure natural beauty of South Korea, Han Gaa In's nose has been her features. Especially her nose on the little mole, add a little sexy taste.

"On the contrary, Gloria Tang's nose is too wide, the nose is not prominent, while the cheeks dimple is very cute, but still can not cover up the shortcomings of the nose.



"Refers to the front nose, the nose and the nose line aesthetic proportion, namely the nose and nostrils were connected to the line. The ideal nose position, will be slightly lower than the nose, connected lines are like the wings seagull.

"Fan Bingbing's nose has a typical seagull line, plus the straight line makes the nasal root rather mixed feeling smooth and clean.

"Brigitte Lin's temperament is really ordinary people are not born, and her nose is very good-looking. A straight nose and a rounded nose, with Brigitte Lin's unique temperament, it is to let a person envy.

"Xiao Che's nose down enough, the seagull line looks quite straight, will give people a feeling of nose.

Looking at these perfect nose standards, how many points can your nose score?

Even if your nose is not perfect, can be improved by nose shadow, as shown above, can change the height of the nose shadow, but also to the visual effect of alar contraction.

This picture / Beauty God pony can vividly tell you how to build Biying, remember: not only can make nose shadow on the nose, it will be very natural, but to consider that the orbital front nasal type after this transition is the most natural.

  • If your nose is too long:

When the painting Biying should be to connect the dividing line between the eyes into two parts, to avoid the above, starting from the bottom to the nose.

When applied to long nose shadow with a small brush with a Bibi painting, and pay attention to the connection part of the nose.

  • If your nose is falling apart:

^ first from the orbit front to fight the shadows to improve root.

Also extend to both sides of the bridge of the nose and nose, when dipped into the powder to avoid a small shadow, makeup is too strong and not true.

Finally, I would like you to have a perfect three-dimensional nose across the screen!

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Author: Li Beini

Part of the picture comes from the web