47 year old Christy Chung girls wear strapless dress, friends: looking embarrassed

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47 year old Christy Chung girls wear strapless dress, friends: looking embarrassed

2017-10-11 09:39:27 228 ℃

Christy Chung said, I think you are not unfamiliar to straight.

Christy Chung was born in 1970 in Canada, the more mixed, small is beautiful. At the age of 23, she won the title of Miss Chinese champion. She was 24 years old, because she starred in "Legend of mermaid".

The churning water Mermaid lens, then captured the hearts of many people do not know. With the pure and natural beauty, never too much makeup, has beautiful and amazing world.

Today, Christy Chung's little sister is 47 years old, recently a group of look airport, but her subversion of the straight to her fantasies...

Christy Chung earlier word collocation of white body shoulder bra tops, pants wearing bellbottom coming out of the airport, without losing the sexy woman. But a little bit Zhuangnen suspected?

Big meow think Christy Chung this simple black and white matching, past airport look more relaxed and concise.

But there are also netizens said: a 47 year old woman 20 years old girl also wearing clothes, really wonderful, without looking to zhuangnen!

Like earlier Christy Chung and her husband Zhang Lunshuo appeared Shanghai airport, Christy Chung this body collocation obviously more than this set of look fashionable much more pleasing to the eye.

Two fingers of love, it is a food and addictive thing!

Christy Chung was seen wearing a white shirt full of bows, which successfully shielded the Unicorn arm. The head of Daikuo hat, wearing jeans and micro bell, fashionable without effort.

In fact, big meow feels good, ~47 years old woman can maintain, so it is very good, and this does not need to question.

Most people have the desire, this is normal, but I think the dress is more important for their own. What's your opinion?