Even Song Meiling was jealous of the woman, her face is good jade, jade is nearly billion alone

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Even Song Meiling was jealous of the woman, her face is good jade, jade is nearly billion alone

2017-10-13 13:37:10 853 ℃

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The period of the Republic of China is an important period of the development of jade culture, both men and women love jade, jade bracelet is that every lady of quality standard!

Who is to say that the period of the Republic of China jade Master you might be accordant, respected Ms. Song Meiling. Indeed, that jade twist bracelet has always been talked about, is also one of the most expensive Bracelet today.

But there is a woman, let the emerald flashes light shining in diplomatic history, and diplomatic career to a peak, she has even envy Song Meiling bracelet!


This woman, Huang Huilan, is a strange name for many people, but in the Republic of China, she's far behind Song Meiling and Hu Die, who you know so well.

She is a real arrogant woman, is the father of Nanyang rich "sugar king" Huang Zhonghan, only a single female, her life life is indescribable, but also those of us ordinary people can not imagine.

Jiang Jieshi villa house couldn't match


She is the most dressed woman in china,

Even the princess of Monaco was impressed by her fashion sense.


Make the high officials and noble lords

Even European royalty is a frequent visitor to her family


Huang Huilan is born in Chinese, but she has the Nanyang Chinese patriotic feelings, so she invented a patriotic way - fashionably dressed decent, is for.

Although the long-term living in the west, but Huang Huilan was very China preference elements, as some in the West often create new styles of the collocation of the palace ball, not only show their own and show China charm out of the ordinary.

Jade became her killing device, high-grade, luxury, rare, precious jade wear on her body, for a time limelight no two. Huang Huilan often used Chinese jade and silk, embroidery collocation, not only does not appear vulgar, always lead a wave of unrest.

She scoffed at China's pursuit of western trends and imitation of foreigners, and had a natural sense of identity for her own Chinese identity.

In daily life, Huang Huilan also cannot do without the jade, jade beads foil collar made her more charming.

The long, beautiful woman conquered the West with her own charm.

Among the numerous emeralds, her favorite is the four jade floating flower bracelet, which is Gu Weijun's gift to her.

They always appear together in Huang Huilan's wrist, never wore a single, because it is only four floating flower Bracelets from the same piece of material, very precious; on the other hand, this is her husband's mind, Huang Huilan reluctant to open them. This "created by her hands wearing four bracelets" agitation by many ladies ladies imitated.

The name of Huang Huilan Ci Xi and Song Meiling although not heard, but the jade the beauty of fashion to the international social occasions, let more international jewelry designers have a crush on jade.