Why do all the girls in the street wear silk stockings?

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Why do all the girls in the street wear silk stockings?

2017-10-25 22:03:49 604 ℃

The word "silk stockings" seems to be demonized,

Boys will think of "frivolous", girls think "vulgar"".

In the last century, even when our parents were young,

Stockings are a symbol of modesty and grace.

Now it's awkward because we're prone to minefield.

There's no red carpet star under the spotlight

Make a model for street fashion people in fashion week,

You can't completely copy the black and white movie package skirt suit.

But for some people who are afraid of cold and don't like to wear pants,

"Stockings" (or backing tights) must start with,

Not only to a certain extent plastic, but also warm.

This year to appear on the high rate of bright and white lines,

If you have a strong sense of fashion, you can try,

But most people recommend dark colors best.

What should be noticed when wearing tights in everyday wear?

Two "no""

1. don't wear tight skirts

-- --

A lot of people keep their memories of tights,

Just stay on the surface of the last century,

It's sexy to wear tights and silk stockings,

But in fact, wearing silk stockings is more important than modesty and preciseness,

Femininity and warmth, no get to the essence,

The effect is often disastrous.

With half skirt,

Try to choose the fabric texture of the material stiffness,

A shape or loose type is best.

2. don't exaggerate high heels

-- ---

Bottoming tights with high heels,

Be sure to stay away from the exaggerated waterproof platform,

And the money that was full of pompous diamonds,

The shoe that often loses the red carpet,

Two "try not to.""

1. try not to wear shorts

-- ---

The shorts in autumn and winter are difficult to grasp,

Collocation stockings easy to have a "indescribable" rustic,

If you have to wear, you can choose the profile of shorts,

With a long coat or overcoat.

2. try not to wear sneakers

-- ---

Tights don't match sneakers. Most people know that,

If you choose less when you go out, you have to wear sneakers,

You can choose black.

Three "best""

1. footwear should be in the same color or shun color

-- ------

The color of socks to the best agreement or shun color,

It looks like the whole is more harmonious,

If you don't agree, you can't wear a short coat,

Long coat is the best.

2. to one piece superlative

-- -----

The most advanced way to wear is one piece clothes,

3. skirts + boots trend

-- -----

Short skirts with boots or half ankle boots,

Warm and trendy,

Easy to get rid of passers by with leather skirt or jeans skirt.

Even with fishnet socks,

Also did not fall into the stereotypes.

Tear off the label of "silk stockings",

Lin Feng Jun, safe to wear.

Praise is the best encouragement for us