She was the most expensive body, earning 4 hundred million before she was 35

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She was the most expensive body, earning 4 hundred million before she was 35

2017-10-28 16:22:29 486 ℃

Now the name has become a symbol of sex and wealth.

She's the most expensive supermodel in the world.

For the first time in 8 years, Forbes ranked first in the world's most profitable supermodel,She made enough 4 hundred million before she was 35.

She was also a woman who dumped all the people at the opening ceremony of the Brazil Olympics last year.

A feeling of appearance, with thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers. Walk in the city, the whole screen is legs, legs, legs.

The key is expensive. Just take a few steps, that's 45 million dollars.

In addition, she was Leonardo Dicaprio's former girlfriend, the man who made Xiao Li regret all his life.

"Miss love, the most favorite woman away from me."". Love the woman, not others, is ndchen.

She's not just supermodel, she's a walking money machine.

Someone in the industry has invented a G God index to monitor her employer's business and find that her stock price will rise as long as the brand she speaks for.

Mention Giselle,

After 15 hours of flying, 3 hours of sleep, she still appeared in the dressing room and nursed her baby.

When couples show love, they don't forget to give birth to babies once again.

She has not been idle since she left the model in 15, and she still has a lot of work.

From biography, interview, to Brazil propaganda.

"Catwalk" in Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games is the peak of her personal career.

The show was amazing all over the world.

As the world's first supermodel, she has the world's most beautiful title, so that all adjectives are not enough to describe her.

So she got it"God created women.""Ultimate evaluation.

This woman created by God, with a pair of rare charming long legs, wheat skin, a positive attitude towards life, tell the world two sentences:

The first sentence is: believe it,The ugly duckling turns into a swan, as long as you stick to it.

The second sentence is related to every womanAlways keep that person different from you. Because of you, this is the real scenery.

Today, the gold medal, tens of millions of famous models, has left the T platform.

But her career began to flourish.

She's still the star of the big luxury brands. It can be said that every year, the major brands to grab her make all the number.

She not only endorsement of Chanel (Chanel), but also many endorsements Du Gabbana (Dolce& Gabbana), Dior (Dior), Missoni (Missoni), Versace (Versace) and other world famous!

Now, her own brand has also entered the market.

She was showing her love and she was making her baby full of money while she was smoking her baby.

Have to say, all this is worth ndchen.

How dazzling people are before, how many people suffer after suffering. She hasn't eaten any dairy products for 20 years, she doesn't touch monosodium glutamate, white sugar, white flour and iodized salt...... Change you, can you stand it?

Her perfect life comes from stubborn insistence, strict self-discipline, and sober cognition. It is these, just let ndchen in the opening ceremony of the Olympic games out of the $45 million 100!

So, no matter where the goddess is going in the future, she believes that every step she takes is beautiful and confident!

And this is the life we should have.