"Golden arches" on earth? These foreign famous Chinese names will kill you!

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"Golden arches" on earth? These foreign famous Chinese names will kill you!

2017-10-30 09:17:37 444 ℃

Today's topic

These two days, the big guy familiar with McDonald's suddenly fire again.

Oh, no, maybe we should call it "golden arches"".

A media burst out a message:MacDonaldLao Yang (China)The company has changed the name of the registered company to the name of the company

XinDa eleganceThe. But somehow, maybe we've got used to Costa and suddenly got in touch with its Chinese name,There's a kind of uncomfortable feeling that can't be said......

Look at the British Light luxury brandDunhillJust take a poster, and the fan of English is coming......

Just...... See its Chinese name......

...... So, the chain hotel"Sheraton""Translate intoSheraton"It's dirt enough. Why not just sounds like "Dunhill" so molimen, probably only because we used.

Speaking of brand translation, cosmetics and skin care products must be the hardest hit.

Generally speaking, the brand name of cosmetics / skin care products should be in the direction of "beauty", while Chinese is just right.As long as the heart, a good translation of Chinese absolutely be nothing difficult.

There are many classic examples of translation.

TideDetergent,Taizi TideWhose Chinese characters literally mean "gets rid of dirt." (Characters are important: the same sound written differently could mean "too purple.")

There is alsoReebokOr.Rui Bu ReebokWhich means "quick steps." AndColgate - Gao Lu Jie ColgateWhich translates into "revealing superior cleanliness." AndLay 'sSnack foods-Le Shi delight- whose name means "happy things.""Nike (Nai Ke Nike)And