Big face without beauty? Her face, nose and nose, how did she become a new generation?

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Big face without beauty? Her face, nose and nose, how did she become a new generation?

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Not a top beauty

But there is regret and customs

Irene WanIt's a magical existence

After all, your facial features look good, size and position standards, and even if you don't like the look, it's hard to say you're not looking good.

However, if you do not face such a doping expression, it is easy to correct for "beautiful, no taste" feeling, because too long in peace, in addition to the United States, there is no other "hook".

Of course, with the difference, Chen Hong laughed really warm like the sun:

"Chen Hong laughed very beautiful, dignified and while some girl's delicate sense

In addition to vivid expressions, one of the advantages of the correct pattern is "be flexibleDifferent makeup will make people feel different.

Also left a bit like Chen Hong and Faye Yu, on the right side of the tip of the makeup, but also a bit like Rosamund Kwan

Why is that so?

For the lack of "standard" looks, often in the makeup stylingGive priority to cover the "shortcomings"The eye is not big: eye shadow and mascara, a little nose to nose. To save the collapse.

Because there are so many places to take care of, makeup is basically a type, style is also easy to be fixed.

But standard faces do not have to consider the problem of covering up the defects. Instead, they need to find "features" and "memories" on their faces

"Chen Hong is the correct type of beauty, Irene Wan and Vivian Hsu are following

Eversion of lower lipThe lower lip type, will be thicker, more tender and have very strong sex appeal.

Angelina's lips may be a bit difficult for the Chinese to accept, because she has bothEversion of the upper lip and eversion of the lower lipThe two feature, but her lip is still clear, the upper lip ratio is also good, coupled with the skeleton is not prominent, so the overall effect is not too exaggerated.

Here we are, Yu Nan,The shape of the skeleton, lips, lips, and lipsAll deviate from the standard, and although there is an extreme wild temptation, it may be a category that many people are hard to appreciate.

If you want to add a little bit of sexy to your lips, use itPearl can easily create "eversion" feeling:

The shape of lips with high light valgus sense

Big man

Be sure to know......

In fact, Irene Wan's facial features are still relatively controversial, most people can get to the beauty of her facial features.

For the question of her beauty, more from her "pie face."

What is a pie in the face?

A mustlargeAt least in proportion,Relative facial features also want a big circleThat's the disproportionate size. Long eyebrow also features coming into Zhong Chuhong is not fazed by it.

TwocakeThe whole meat is flat and the nose is like the meat, and the side feels almost flat. Zhao Wei's face is not small, but have a good nose, forehead and chin, is not solid, pie face.

And what about Irene Wan?

"Early" fire rose ".

Even with very generous standards, "big" and "pie" have some...... Hardware defects need to be recognized.

As a result, Irene Wan for so many years, things are constantly changing, the basic idea of the hair will not change -Face covered bangsBe sure to have it!

The tide, Qin, Daji, have this Wisp

A lot of people don't understand. If the face is wide, why don't you completely cover it with bangs? Is it useful to use only one strand? Can this really modify the face?

A simple schematic diagram:

The different states of fringe

First of all, if your next half of the face line is not too bad painting, generally do not recommend long side bangs, easy to appear very refreshing, people are not confident enough.

Tender and BiyingHowever, when a good light can, when bad light, just like being punched:

Long: good light and tender blush when vs light when the difference

If Irene Wan's face is wide rather than meat, so tender and blush effect will be better, she & thinking is right, but the color is too heavy:

"Irene Wan's Blush stick position analysis

And it's unfair to say she's a full pie face.

Even the fire rose fleshy face of her period.The three-dimensional facial featuresStill good: full forehead, deep eyes, thick eyelashes and eyebrows will increase stereo, let you ignore the nose is a bit flat problem.

The Irene Wan fire rose period photograph: facial features is quite solid"This really left the beat of her is very beautiful, like a doll

Amorous feelings

Why did Irene Wan win?

Why do we miss the old beauty, many people mentioned the amorous feelings of Aman Chang, Cherie Chung, Chingmy Yau, Athena Chu, but few people will think of Irene Wan?

To some extent, sheNot in line with the aesthetic of the present age.

Irene Wan, Cherie Chung, Chingmy Yau *

The present age,Heavy face, heavy stereoChingmy Yau Cherie Chung, a small face, although the face suffer but three-dimensional, overall temperament healthy atmosphere. And Irene Wan is going to lose on the profile.

"Her beautiful makeup of its dependence on other, I do not say you are very difficult to recognize that she is the next brother Jacky, a completely different feeling

On the other hand, her temperament is not the kind of thing that she will appreciate in this era:

Cherie ChungAmorous feelings, mingled with confidence and atmosphere, are the self substitution of "gas field type" that girls want. andChingmy YauThe style, with a playful and intelligent child sense, make it difficult to.

And Irene Wan's amorous feelings, is more mature peach, this age relative audience less: love like amorous feelings overflow, not like also easy to feel too color too vulgar.