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Women in the right way of life (give the world all women)

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The fear of cool on the head, the skin will become more serious doubt

Haha ~ as your bosom friend

I have heard these questions now.

So, please take these tips

To spend the hot summer!

To the point before we begin with science

"Sensitive & allergic":

SensitiveIs refers to the skin to be weak, is simple has been affected by all kinds of influence;

Allergy is the skinThe allergy.Effect occurred after a red, swollen, heat, pain, itching of the scene.

If you are allergic to quickly away from the allergic source, the situation is serious and timely medical treatment oh!

If you are sensitive skin, should pay attention to myself, today I would like to talk about the maintenance of sensitive muscle from these aspects to talk to us!

Maintenance sheet

1, gentle cleansing:In the selection of cleansing products, should try to prevent or treat acid rich selection of cleansing products.

2, simple skin care:Basic skin care to buy goods, the more simple ingredients to the better, can choose no alcohol, no spices, no pigment of skin care products, has a soothing effect of the product is better.

3, pay attention to sun:Reduce the effect of ultraviolet radiation on the skin, together with the impact of make-up on the skin can also reduce.

Makeup articles

1, soft on the makeup:In the makeup process, the action should be gentle, do not over conflict and pull the skin.

2, choose the right goods:To choose a high degree of moisturizing makeup.

Life article

1,Air pollution prevention:Outside to go out, to properly cover the heavy metal in the air, the naked eye can not see the PM2.5 particles, dust, etc., can choose to wear a mask, rub sunscreen barrier cream; back home, but also do a good job completely clean.

2,reduceDietary effects:Often eat fried, barbecue and other strong impact of the food, the body will be more and more free radicals. So in addition to cut eat this kind of food, we can also add more berries, apples and other high inoxidability Vegetable & Fruit.

3,adjustmentTime Table:11 p.m. to 1 a.m., the human melatonin secretion between exuberant period, is also immune to revision of the prime time, this time try not to stay up all night work or play, rest more allows the body's cells to be corrected and recover.

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