Put on a little fresh dress, the next goddess is you!

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Put on a little fresh dress, the next goddess is you!

2016-07-22 11:13:04 679 ℃

Super beauty of a summer dress must start with a floral skirt and a Mori girl fan most significant temperament Oh fabrics lightweight breathable durable press belt can can not two kinds of wear method

Very nice a flower embroidery, slightly hardness bottom yarn wearing time hem would naturally open and above the fold in type design makes the whole clothes wear up to show the effect of S. Elegant, looks more delicate and refined

Han Guodong gate! This dress is revised six times, because it is too beautiful to feel the flowers! Upper body test version of the time feel beauty ah, mainly is the significant figure, fashion, coupled with the looming sense of mystery, feel difficult for someone not to fall in love with it!

This year the most popular star series, blingbling decorative effect just suitable for summer travel, daytime sunlight scattered glittering, evening party in light shining is very eye-catching ~ see real completely occupied up

Can when wear short sleeved, when the bandage strapless dress to wear, the bandage cross tied behind his back, a skirt wearing a variety of law design, very real wear, different scenarios, different preferences, in accordance with their own ideas to wear will have not the same feeling. Can also be paired with a retro small.

Each series this year small chrysanthemum are Austrian fire, super cute by age Oh, love sister don't miss the Olympic games!

Suction eye of a dress, skirt pleated design clever to overall add several silk sweet and playful sense blingbling sequins wood hit with your heart as a young girl, sleeveless design highlights the summer cool and refreshing feeling, recommended to the sister paper ~

This sleeveless dress version based on simple and elegant design, high waist height ratio elongated! The upper part of the body made of strap shaped, the clavicle appears small, sexy and partly hidden and partly visible, there is a mystery!


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