Shawn Yue is married! Although only one picture I found too many small details!

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Shawn Yue is married! Although only one picture I found too many small details!

2017-12-06 18:32:32 1266 ℃

just now, Shawn Yue was married at the same time at micro-blog and INS!

bride is not Bali! But before the announcement romance girlfriend Sarah Wang Tangyun

this explosive news instantly seize headlines micro-blog hot search

users also immediately divided into three camps:

Oh My God! I fell out of love! (including Bali)

2. The variety is a fraud!

but also have blessed rain girl: Uncle

and Eddie Peng!

, though Ba Mei is deeply in love, she is still a devoted girl. She knows that you can only see Le Shufa's picture. Then cried to the new wave of the wedding as we grilled side!

in two people in the wedding scene photo, is a super warm!

in the legend of the Groomsmen? Eddie Peng. 3 seconds, "I am at your wedding, but the bride is not me"

in this should be the wedding day on a photo, it seems Strapless oh!

in addition, although the wedding is extremely low profile, but the wit into her sister, from a few photos also found a lot of details!


black and white documentary photos is probably the most love

music before uncle first le t yourself exposure of this photo:

black and white wedding photos have not been elders love, but the recent documentary black and white photos with the wind really welcome oh! Just married Song Hye Kyo is married Song Joong Ki exposed the two black and white photos, super feeling down

Fan Art Music uncle should also be with such love retro and quiet romantic feeling, two people online exposure couple photos also have another wedding photos a lot of black and white the wind down

above the exposure of black and white!

love the retro feel of the bride and groom can also try some black and white wedding photo shoot or scene photos oh!


three piece suit to wear casual wear handsome

music scene again said TERT wear this suit, formal suit groom three piece suit, suit + trousers and vest, such collocation is really just put it so hot!

is worthy of praise, Le TERT corsage worn on the location is in the eyes, buckle collar suit:

also also specially equipped with tertiary music chain is the gentleman of the old school will watch FOB hook on the button, a simple chain is enough to highlight the taste. Le Shuzhen is a super wear oh! The bridegroom that likes the old school may as well copy! Other considerations

back to you to find the girl 'suit dress and groom collocation, click to see down the

to see Hu Ge wearing fancy suits in the "hunting" show up, the groom as such wear, stability!


with the suit dress and veil vine Tira over with the

of the wedding looks are atmospheric retro feel, with the same wedding veil natural tone, simple wedding with three-dimensional flowers shoulders is particularly generous, popular style this year major wedding fashion, but also especially suitable for outdoor wedding the feeling of

if you are outdoor wedding, wedding dresses that may choose simple, naturally also more convenient to walk, want a little sexy skin can be appropriate, like the bride halter on the fabric is very good, try to thin, not too thick grand

in the bride's wedding dress is well chosen, vine Teela Mantilla Zhaqi hair simple collocation, with the wedding and Shawn Yue's suit is a retro, modified face effect is excellent!

, click here to see the veil and other wedding dress collocation should be how the election is a good


Australia overseas wedding photos oh

is obviously outdoor weddings, but according to friends broke the wedding location in Melbourne, Melbourne students "because the landlord's daughter is a wedding wedding Chef", just very close relatives and good friends. Low profile.

Melbourne outdoor wedding venue:

is this little wedding in Australia star couple! Barbara sister remember the last time Chen Yao and Cao in Queenstown New Zealand Wedding:

most of the stars are the wedding in Bali Island Island, but in fact there are a lot of Australia can wedding place, such as in Queensland, Melbourne Manor Maleny private manor covered with roses "secret Bram Receptions: Leigh Manor"


'sister seems to have guessed 6 uncle car

although not online information related to Shawn Yue by the pro Le, but Uncle car hobby, Ba Mei have guessed the collocation Le cars uncle, after all the garage is Le tert Land Rover Aurora &am