45 year old Hong Tao | guards acting out the entire second studio! Even as young maid of the same year as young girl?

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45 year old Hong Tao | guards acting out the entire second studio! Even as young maid of the same year as young girl?

2017-12-07 00:29:54 163 ℃
Zhang Ziyi

not long ago, "the birth of the actor" fire. No matter how big it is, as long as it feels that the play is not OK, Zhang Ziyi will change his face immediately. There are friends out of her various expressions of different shots of actors, the strength of the interpretation of the "what is your goods, this statement is what I face.

, but there is another flight instructor directly grab the Wuli queen Zhang Ziyi of the limelight, broadcast in the days before the birth of "the actor", Hong Tao and Peng Yuchang interpretation of "the last empress". In a scene with Peng Yuchang interpretation of Puyi wedding Wanrong, Hong Tao's playful Wanrong shy was friends crazy playing Call, her 45 year old girl is still a sense of strength online!

is selected as the essence of the "bridal chamber" fragment, so that the audience can see the charm of a mature actor. In the two "bridal chamber", Hong Tao plays the female lead actor and a smile began to gaze at each other, then head of Hong Tao's past be caught off guard kiss men, then the girl very natural shrinking shoulder, eyes crooked smile into a crescent, is full of girls' delicate and lovely, read this some know girls really have no relationship with the age.

and then began to laugh slapstick with men in front of the camera, as a eighteen year old girl really like kissing male face lipstick, tender and lively show her most incisive a girl was in love. With Hong Tao and tender brittle laughter, couldn't move regeneration.

is not just on the stage of the acting and the value of Yan powder, outside of her work dedication, do senior attitude, also very good manners. You begin to see in the script includes footage, will discuss with the director, to achieve the best results.

is also worried about his late madness scenes too upstage, let the audience to ignore the hero, for the sake of Peng Yuchang, give him a chance to show.

as the descendants of Peng Yuchang pressure in particular, Hong Tao not only did not impatient, but try to resolve, can casually say that acting experience is not so rich as well as younger TV viewers taste this is perhaps the actor laid on his charm!

, we can clearly feel from her performance level in time in this woman's sense of the passage from a charming and lovely girl to be ashamed of life to torture crazy woman, can bring the perfect female behavior and sad depiction the. No wonder netizens Shuabing said to be shocked, you seal it several times cycle. ~

and the previous period are very demanding in the play Zhang Ziyi, Hong Tao can be said to be given a high evaluation. In addition to a face of the girl's smile, he gave a very high evaluation: your home should not have only one director. Indeed, as Hong Tao will be acting like a goddess, drew the storyboard, also have their own ideas, can be regarded as the Almighty in the entertainment circle!

but still a key seal Jun noticed, perhaps because of the acting and the girl sense too steal the spotlight that everyone ignored, dressed in a silk dress she looks sexy, the key is, the girl with the times she hardly difference! 45 years old can keep such a beautiful figure, only a upper case of the dress...

"/1ydzximg/0HrXrsBsIP" buddy must be very want to know Hong Tao goddess keep fit secret, today you seal for everyone to bring a few strokes to the body! Come and see it together with the king ~

Hong Tao "porcelain" photo shoot

Hong Tao photo shoot

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