See these ugly women to understand that a person's failure and the value of nothing to do!

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See these ugly women to understand that a person's failure and the value of nothing to do!

2017-12-07 00:29:55 172 ℃

the aesthetic differences, especially when we are in the pursuit of big awl eyes, some people may have small eyes regarded as "goddess" ~

23 year old Chinese American girl full of angel won the beauty pageant winner, and events the typical "text-align: start"

champions such a beauty, by western aesthetic oath... It looks like this is a life attack. You just pay attention to the truth!

when we advertised "Yan value is justice", it ignores the dimension of beauty, actually there are many kinds. The beauty is a dimension, and the figure is one of the dimensions, and the temperament and the connotation are also one of the standards.

all angel's beauty contest, Yan value is not a measure of the standard of winning and losing, but the comprehensive quality of the participants! With the size and the piano Princess PA Angela, but contains a figure temperament connotation of these three dimensions!

to introduce a few woman today, is active in the fashion circle of life ~ their success and let us know that a person's success really and Yan value, but the gas field related to temperament! Do you promise to be the most special one?

temperament to win Holland supermodel Saskia de + Brauw is 35 years old, her mother Sa fans affectionately call aunt /Sa ~

Lily McMenamy is famous for its grotesque style, because my mother is a supermodel in 90s five Kristen McMenamy, so from the beginning into the controversial fashion circle! And it's not a beauty in the normal beauty, and this thick lip? Dull eyes? It is difficult to take the side with the beauty ah ~

because of good resources of mom, T Lily business more smooth ~2012 debut debut just boarded the Saint Laurent; then Chanel as she opened the door. Because T shows covering the other one to take off the famous, attracted major media attention.

in the beauty of fashion, can let a person remember it ~

1994 years of age "lioness" aura. Yeah, that's very serious lion! The eye is sharp on the T table, and it is greasy to mark the beauty, so how much do you like the lion beauty of the prestige?

mushroom dirt machine also mentioned Leandra Medine, is such a love is "ugly", her acting style, never put you careless take pictures, often without makeup, but we are regarded as the days.

Leandra is 88 years younger sister paper, it is not really ugly, but it is also absolutely ugly. Its contour is too hard and big nose and big mouth, and her height has not reached 160cm.

not two rich generation was not good-looking, wonderful character and gentle, but also the most exaggerated, her stage name is also called "straight vomiting"... But is this kind of external conditions of households actually are able to climb the peak, as president, to marry the rich handsome, not by talent and hard work is what!

is also two generation mode, Anna Cleveland road is not so smooth ~

mother is 70s supermodel Pat Cleveland, at the age of 13 for the Chanel show, but until this year began with temperature, attractive not supermodel figure, but her unique style.