You really don't have to buy so many clothes, it's enough to have them!

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You really don't have to buy so many clothes, it's enough to have them!

2017-12-07 00:29:59 115 ℃

is exquisite and elegant. They accept themselves, be loyal to themselves, insist on themselves, and have the fragrance of the soul. The height of - Yang Lan

the details of the decision of the woman, every woman should not clever and shrewd and cautious but not rigid, warm but not frivolous, kind and not cowardly, courageous but not reckless.

you can be gentle, hearty, can charm, can be lazy, can not to stick at trifles, to be careless. only can't be slovenly !

25 years old, no matter how much your income, do not buy cheap goods! Because when you have the fashion you wear, all you want will come to you, Oh right, weight loss may be an additional condition!

life is now more than the monthly salary of 3000+, but wear 30000 of the fashionable temperament of the girls how to do?!

from foreign big brands to provide fabric, version, to domestic manufacturers to find production. The price is only one of the 10 points of the cabinet!

BURBERY such as the British New windbreaker, with high-grade suede fabric, fine solid line complete, double breasted design, one is the master production, filling the waist. This is worthy of - --- foreign trade dress.

so, let's give you Amway this foreign trade store today.

we scan two-dimensional code below, you can add

recommended reason: the foreign trade shop in the high-end flagship products, affordable, quality comparable to the counter. Costumes are very cost-effective, a lot of money will be updated every day, the design is very good, do not hit the money, quality assured.

Clothes beauty clothing

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many single products have been wearing, the different is texture. 100 of the skirt and 1000 skirt are not the brand labels, but the quality.

when you wear a fashionable beauty, when the self independent, not to mention to her ex boyfriend, men all over the world to tease you!

Carrier bags,

No, cheap

Yes boutique

, what troubles women have is a bag can't be solved, if there is, then there is a dozen!

, because of low cost labor and other factors, foreign brands often take raw materials, accessories, plates and other products to produce countries, and then take them back to sales. Considering the loss of all aspects in the process of making the raw materials, the supply of raw materials will be more than 3%, that is, "plan to scrap materials" in case. After completing the order, the manufacturer makes use of the remaining raw materials to make the same product with the same type. This is the garment of foreign trade. Just because "the concubine", this kind of product quantity is less.

a texture of the bag is better than N network red explosion models, even in the basic models of dozens of pieces, can also be linked to the other Aochu ~



wants you to do a, stepping on the shoes, sandals to carefree, is stepping on the heels walk with the wind, love to buy, no money to earn, dare to love and hate cool girl! The net cost of

, a pair of so called "big shoes", will not be too high from the manufacturer, but the price that will eventually enter the wholesale market is high. In fact, these goods are a part of the contract amount, they pass through another channel to enter the market of the counter value is at least four more than the median price.

has a foreign trade products because the problems have been rejected brands of "outside the domestic", sometimes more. The most common is the color difference, which is not consistent with the requirements of foreign investors, but the quality is not much different from the cabinet.




a piece of exquisite accessories, in improve personal temperament and makes you shine, instantly become a taste of fashion temperament woman. Out of sight, often hidden blockbuster potential, and just have a burst of energy such accessories!

, of course, do not need all accessories, small adorning.