Straight eye makeup, a second let you collapse!

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Straight eye makeup, a second let you collapse!

2017-12-07 00:30:02 105 ℃


I am in charge of perennial grass and mother

is not only the latest new information and a variety of skin care makeup


as the saying goes: dry cargo share not with straight talk about aesthetic, don't slag men talk about feelings. three simply collapse well!

last week with a senior straight big brother to explore life experience, chatting chatting about the girls. Do not ask not to know, the original idea that many boys on make-up is Auntie sauce.

we should feel that the girls are a fairy makeup .

is not the fundamental to see the girls do not make up.

in all-embracing attitude, I collected a lot of boys and girls make up words and opinions.

pays attention to lipstick (ID:khpopo) and "make-up" , and I'll send it to you. There are a lot of

WeChat lipstick mother-in-law public number

so good-looking girl, but like the same girl, pretty interesting people, it is not rare. She is also familiar with psychology. For example,

: quickly glance at it and start with intuition.

, if you are a girl, now you are going to a party, which skirt will you choose?

if you are a boy, which one would you like to wear to your girlfriend more?

is said to reflect your character ~

concerns lipstick mother-in-law (ID:khpopo) , reply "skirt" , check the test results.

so she also want to ask

when we buy lipstick was troubled?

some colors look very good on others' faces, but it's not the same thing on their own mouth.

online has a test

that selects 6 different skinned people,

, to test the different colors of the lipstick.

first, it is a very shallow pink

in fact, the three girls with lighter skin are more able to live in hold.

but below three darker skinned girls painted after feeling a little molimen.

and then this kind of very weird fluorescent green

everyone's painted strange!

the last black girl looks the most normal!

is the last

this time instead of deep purple color than white girls look unnatural

and darker skinned girls look really OK

especially the last black girls looked really no sense of violation and!

so what color is the color of the color of the lipstick?

pays attention to lipstick mother-in-law (ID:khpopo) , reply "suitable" , tell you which kind of lipstick is suitable for. We