What do you wear in winter? 3 seconds to learn the collocation scheme, enough for the whole winter...

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What do you wear in winter? 3 seconds to learn the collocation scheme, enough for the whole winter...

2017-12-07 00:30:06 161 ℃

bought a coat? Wondering what to collocation. A sister today offers several all-match within a program, are applicable to almost any coat.

we take a winter sweater skirt +

sweater + skirt, it is convenient and beautiful. Every day there are many girls wondering: how do the legs wear? How does the butt wear? How do you wear fat in the waist and abdomen? The sweater + Half skirt can help you to solve the problem of stature.

in winter generally do not need to consider the upper body fat, waist, stomach problems, a blouse all over, we need to consider more is "legs" type.

want to know what type of leg girl can click on the link below to read the

/ loose section of straight type /A word skirt is a great choice, all kinds of body can be modified, if you ask "what to wear thick legs?" The girl is sure to tell you "the skirt is a great choice," and a good girl can also choose a tight knit buttocks.

high waisted skirt or dress jacket with the same color can look more high.

in wool skirt, a sister I hope you will try to skirt a variety of materials, such as velvet, denim, chiffon, lace and so on, give yourself more selective.

chiffon skirt collocation can make the whole moment fade thick winter heavy feeling, want to look some weight? The chiffon skirt is a perfect choice.

we take the two winter sweater + dress

cool summer skirt don't rush away, for the winter to collocation, the effect is very good.

skirt can choose to wear a sweater and wear a coat outside, or wear a thick dress directly in the dress, and then match the coat. Whether it's a long coat or a short coat, you can use it. A little girl chooses a short coat to be higher than a long coat.

will have the little girl a little puzzled sister, also can wear a skirt?" My sister is here to make clear to you: when the small man is wearing a half dress, he will encounter the situation of "high and modified legs can not be concurrently."

"/1ydzximg/0HrbZuc0qd" in this case, a jacket and skirt with a color could be a combination of both the choice can be modified leg type, and to a certain extent significantly higher. So take the coat is a convenient way to dress coat under the same color.

in the winter we take scheme three: sweater and baggy pants strong>

knitted sweater + wide leg pants alone wear easily fat, collocation coat no problem. The sweater is more high in the pants, so it is more suitable for a sweater to be thinner and soft, like a knit or a cardigan.

"apple do not suggest that the body of the woman choose this outfit, the previous listing two for Apple figure girl is the better choice.

wide leg pants collocation thick sweater will appear dumpy, soft and easy to show collocation sweater apple shape up

we take the four programs: winter sweater and jeans

is very universal in vain jeans pants, which is cool color can make winter wear very cool.

the little girl in the choice of wide leg jeans, suggested the color is slightly heavier, less choice of color white jeans.