You can not escape the beauty of light sexy dress!

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You can not escape the beauty of light sexy dress!

2016-07-22 11:19:17 373 ℃

New summer dress Korean retro print slim a word!Recommend a funny dress, scheming out of the hollow, scheming lace, the big V collar, a slight waist, are accompanied by hollow stitching, to grasp the scale very wonderful, just right of the twilight, subtle sexy, infinite charm ~

The goddess A word printed chiffon dress!There is a natural rustic charm, unique style. Tightly woven loose tight side of the fungus to the word collar, let your generous exposed sweet shoulder, the magnitude of the drop is sexy degree entirely in control of your own.

A change of fabric is a completely different feeling. Before the broken lattice, slightly retro style, suitable for a small minority, unique temperament. Replaced by the black and white, then playing handsome to! Wide belt, high slit, two large slant pockets, silver ring hole, the details are van son

The palace temperament heavy exquisite openwork embroidery cowboy dress slim vest dress!

Loose a word profile, so dress abundance float in the air is very stylish and elegant aura version of the type, it is undoubtedly the most cover the meat and the reduction of age. Back with a wide belt design is one of my favorite personality! The feeling of a light!

A graceful temperament hanging Dress ~ predecessor simply cut the stitching, behind the brilliant wavy hem, three-dimensional clear, dynamic playful femininity. This design has divine help!

Everyone is scouring the field veteran clothes Q high, no special things, dare in front of you selling?! See this is a very interesting black label piece dress produced. The bombing, like not the clever placement of labels and scalloped, is the soul, is the bright spot is impressive memory.

Korean fashion sleeveless dress is very sweet!

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