Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Robin Li, Liu Qiangdong, what kind of watches are they wearing in the TMT industry?

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Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Robin Li, Liu Qiangdong, what kind of watches are they wearing in the TMT industry?

2017-12-12 09:25:36 186 ℃

as one of the fastest growing star industry, wind sways grass TMT industry has been widely concerned, you bigwigs what to say, what to do, it is always the hot news temperature drop.

no matter how you look, they are not only the industry index figure, is a new generation of wealthy class, because it is relying on their own vision, technology, and struggle to gain success today, so although they are often in the news but xiabuyanyu, in the teeth of the storm, so there is no ground for blame.

obviously, although we often say that the watch is a symbol of identity symbol, taste, often say something like "salary to buy a table, the annual salary of a car" or the like, but for their status, wealth and fame, these claims are for reference only, because they already do not need any accessories to decorate them. Are people with aura.

so, we might as well make more effort to let ourselves bring our own air, and let our watches and accessories be more concerned because of our wear.

let's take a look at Ma was photographed wearing what form in these TMT chiefs, Ma is a "high profile", because often appear in many kinds of occasions, their own success story.

as the richest person, Ma wearing a watch is not publicity, it is not particularly luxurious, he was photographed wearing hundreds of pieces of Swatch watches, has also been photographed wearing a series of Martha Bucherer ed watches (worth about 43800 yuan).

and Ma Huateng said, although in the eyes of many people is a relatively low-key man, but was shot to watch, but not very low-key, although his net worth, not what, but compared to Ma Yun's boss, has a relatively high profile.

has been photographed with the count of the count Polo FortyFive timed watch, worth about 161400 yuan. We know that Earl watch as a top luxury brand has been known for its ultra thin technology and diamond inlay, so the Earl is not too low-key in terms of brand characteristics.

and speaking of Robin Li's classmates, though it seems to have taken a slight advantage in BAT's "Three Kingdoms" competition, Lee's watch doesn't mean anything. Because Li boss was photographed wearing Patek Philippe watches.

is a Patek Philippe AQUANAUT series 5167 stainless steel wristwatch with a value of about 142700 RMB. One of the undisputable realities is that, if Patek Philippe is second in today's clock, no one can easily say that he is the first.

, finally, let's take a look at the recently exposed Liu Qiangdong. Recently, Liu boss said, "30 years ago, we said that we should let some people get rich first, then help those who are not rich. Now we have become rich . , "

" is true. The watch that Liu Qiangdong was photographed is also valuable. Of course, compared with Liu's boss, it is also a small case. Mr. Liu has been photographed wearing a Athens fantasy flywheel watch, worth about about 700000 yuan.

finally, we find that, as the domestic top level TMT chiefs, and even domestic and foreign top class entrepreneurs, they wear watches, from luxury to people, can be said to be very broad coverage, this is not to say that the watch class division where they have completely but that watch both be cast into the shade. When, has its own unique charm and value of existence.