It's probably the best formula to learn in the winter!

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It's probably the best formula to learn in the winter!

2017-12-12 09:25:57 213 ℃

many times we are always entangled with how to match the winter, how to make the skirt not cold, how to wear the coat, what pants to wear and so on. Winter is not like two things in the summer to make a match. wants to keep warm and good looking.

has said all kinds of nice warm collocation before, but today, Qing decided to put aside the complicated for lazy cancer patients, and sent some simple matching references.

looks nice and warm and doesn't make mistakes. The collocation formula is the simplest -- long coat + sweater + trousers. is not surprised by surprise!

to tell the truth, if the winter dress is too troublesome, always pay attention to all sorts of collocation to wear socks, sweater + trousers simple!

only need to add a coat in winter! The combination of

has neither overlay layers nor collocation techniques, which is so simple. In fact, the main is the sweater + trousers collocation, coat can be coat is also can be down clothes and other oh.

ps: this collocation formula can also be applied to short coat, oh, short coat / medium long coat + sweater + trousers.

, but today I don't say much about short coat collocation, there is basically no skill.

, not

now more long winded these three pieces of and

key point collocation points marked red look

1, we selected long coat coat: simple coat collocation became necessary because beautiful winter a single product, actually a lot of coats are very warm, if the cold can also wear underwear in sweater.

ps: really afraid of cold change into down clothes can also ha. The length of

coat must be considered according to height. 's short girl should try not to choose the coat of ankle. can cross the knee a little, the longest to the calf.

158, winter coat is basically to the length of the leg. If you want to buy a longer coat, a straight or a waist overcoat will be more suitable for smaller ones than the profile.

tall person has no requirement for the length of coat, but of course, the longer it is, the more it is.

2, air textured sweater sweater to more overhangs tone than fancy ride. Although before also said a lot of the ride, but personally feel that the most simple winter sweater is not burdensome and all-match single product.

with pants sweater, do not choose too long, short or daily money can be. A half - you can love a turtleneck. The sweater can choose the same color as the coat. This match is more hierarchical.

under this body and lower color matching is very suitable for small man!

sometimes lazy though also want to walk in the street can attract others' eyes, a white absolutely bright eye.

said lazy cancer patients can start in winter, a white sweater , no matter what coat they will wear.

for the sweater wearing long johns or shirt and other warm items, see you.

3, the three pants everyone wide leg pants, jeans and pants are all-match tool pipe. Wide leg pants collocation more and thin, winter grown wide leg pants are really good collocation, does not recommend that Kukou too big. The little man suggests a pair of shoes and pants.

, especially with a very long coat. It is recommended that small or medium wide leg pants, will be better.

, of course, can also choose cigarette pants, more leg type.

4, the match of shoes: finally