The coat + dress is not cold at all, and you come out and I promise not to kill you.

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The coat + dress is not cold at all, and you come out and I promise not to kill you.

2017-12-12 18:34:54 145 ℃

+ coat dress is seal Jun favorite winter, elegant woman taste is one aspect, but the main reason is very convenient, without too much consideration on the collocation and, even in the busy morning, from the closet with a casual dress, take thirty seconds to think about today for what kind of coat. Set will fix everything. This will look like a seal you lazy girl, the wardrobe is the lack of basic black, gray, camel coat, with almost any color, fabric dress collocation together, too Easy!

it's so cold in this way? It doesn't exist! You won't be divergent thinking in the skirts "steal wear" clothes, high fever or thickened Legging shirt? Ok ok, this will give more lazy than seal Jun poster Girls recommend some western style dress coat + a method.


cold girl first coat + knit dress combination, which can be stacked to wear close fitting hair thermal underwear, warm and comfortable is particularly fashionable feet with a pair of boots is more cool. Socialite Olivia Palermo (Olivia Palermo), popular blogger Martha Sedgwick (Masha Sedgwick) are so worn, is not nice?

super cold woman could wear a coat in dress and other small hair coat between stacked Oh, absolutely is the best demonstration Biker jackets, suits, jackets in jeans a good choice.

fur dress can also be matched with thick tights or leather Legging!


, silk chiffon skirt skirt dress in winter spring and summer season, is generally popular in recent new dress. At first some be inopportune or inappropriate but in fact as long as the collocation, properly, and not feel cold oh ~

as seal Jun in the mentioned above, you can dress collocation in Thin Long Johns, tight knit dress collocation + sling type super IN Europe and the United States is the world, or add a thin jacket or cardigan in dress outside, with fashionable fold wear. There are super beauty!

coat + Mini Skirt:

+ small coat dress: < /strong>

to the end of the year party season, a variety of fashionable small dress quickly wear. Elegant or modern or dress with feather dress sexy certainly inappropriate, and thick coat, fur coat, with a look at what is fashionable and novel Looks!

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