I TM out of orgasm in the gym!

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I TM out of orgasm in the gym!

2017-12-14 09:25:44 267 ℃

this is a girl from the

readme "even if I don't have a boyfriend can climax"

"I in the gym practicing their legs can reach the realm of"

fans have heard these words a bit dizzy

are those gym noises is


the children look forward to GC

what my name is not to say

I usually work free of


in the vicinity of the gym fitness card

here has provisions do not allow leakage of midriff and vest

I'm kind of a go ~ I find a boyfriend Xiushen mind

this has been extinguished by ~

well! I concentrate on the fitness of

in the gym but often shuttle people know

gym sounds really easy to let people think

once when I do to bridge the tenth groups of

as the body's blood gathered in my abdomen

suddenly felt a chaotic stream drowns out your own the results of


did not hold back the shout "/1ydzximg/0HujMpxCbq src=

I was both surprised and embarrassed

how I make this sound?

glanced at the people around

is actually his buddies fitness too focused

or too common

I panic a sweat

quickly wiped secretly to another device by

but that feeling was like GC

(climax) I am very depressed

full of curiosity I go online to search for

on the Internet I found a "Coregasm" core vocabulary

climax, only the welfare of fitness related survey data show that the

in the fitness of many woman have GC

40% woman have more than one feeling

girl said can self control

and some woman cannot control exercise their sense of


girl They said they didn't think about that kind of thing,

, but somehow they felt

, dear baby, to tell you the truth.

, have you ever had similar feelings?

don't be shy, secretly told me another curiosity hey hey hey

get out of hand

GC is actually the fitness sense of principle

in the ordinary love climax

body Myopectineal will continue to shrink p> and relax

< fitness in the core of GC

is because the fitness will be used when the abdomen pelvis around

the core muscles of

core muscles to drive the Myopectineal

to produce

this climax feeling

in the leg and thigh training

will show more intense congestion such as the current

speed /1ydzximg/0HujMp1zsg />

seemingly normal exercise can not only get the thrill of sports

girl guy who can help in the battle of

unlock High difficulty movement like this


picture simply awesome

Indiana University Health Promotion Center Director

Debby Herbenick on this statement of

found in the study of fitness appeared in the process of the core GC

appeared in the following

45% GC people through abdominal training to experience

< img src= "/1ydzximg/0HujMp5lwN" />

19% is the bike feel

9% is rolled iron feel

some of the baby will see this want to The climax of

fitness is

ha ha ha