68 years old to lose weight, 70 as a model, 86 years old to live 16 years old... What is the more she lives and the girl?

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68 years old to lose weight, 70 as a model, 86 years old to live 16 years old... What is the more she lives and the girl?

2017-12-15 00:28:30 120 ℃

everyone is a book, in daily life, a page and a page, write a trivial detail is life.

that reminds me of Yi Shu's "my first half", the first time to see this book is still in my freshman year, the book has become a spiritual pillar of me at the time, after a lapse of a year or so will continue to look at it, she also saw 4 times.

today, I want to write is not modified during the first half, but the pace towards our day in and day out "the rest of our lives".


wants to share with you the attitude of the latter half of life, the hero of the story -- "the fairy grandmother" -- Sheng Ruiling.

85 year old Sheng Ruiling:

: "/1ydzximg/0HuZcQYZs4" grandma Sheng Ruiling is now 87 years old, from the age of 70 as a model, is now more than 10 years.


Sheng Ruiling has not a fashion and delicate, youthful years period she gave up a comfortable life, and the husband engaged in the construction of Tibet plateau, perennial reaction endless plus the busy work, insist that for decades.


after the retirement of China University of Mining and Technology school hospital, Sheng Ruiling had a car accident. During the recuperation of the car accident, all kinds of food were filled, which made her fat for 8 years after she recovered.

Sheng Ruiling at the time that "although not fat, but such a great age, but also it is not good-looking, fat is fat, the fat is good"... The age 68, height 154, weight 130...

to lose weight in order to health, Szechuan Sheng Ruiling ate boiled cabbage cucumber soup. Dieting, dancing, fencing, Tai Chi... But... Everything can not stand for two or three months...

until the son of Sheng Ruiling will send money, take money so trivial to give her to do a month in a hurry to run, but on this crowded car, she lost 18 pounds, and then she will enjoy the go.

as a model after Sheng Ruiling more confident, more radiant. We have to admit that the best state of a person is to have its own fulcrum.

positive exercise coupled with the precipitation of years makes grandma have the grace and calmness of a young man. Time can be "a knife" or "beauty instrument", just look at your choice.

tide grandma is actually very much, beauty is worth holding on for a lifetime.

Linda "/1ydzximg/0HuZcQr7Mu" Rodin 65 year old