What has stolen the high sense of Zhang Ziyi? Zhong Chuxi gave the answer in the "Fang Hua"

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What has stolen the high sense of Zhang Ziyi? Zhong Chuxi gave the answer in the "Fang Hua"

2017-12-15 09:26:12 163 ℃

on the premiere, Feng Xiaogang in the circle of friends Ge You, Fan Bingbing, Wei Fan, Song Jia and Bai Baihe were invited to attend the 50s people see tears, 60s people see emotion, people looked at the 70s 80s and 90s sigh, fresh film instantly pocketed half a buddy in the entertainment circle tears.

series star is highly anticipated, especially with this first shock the big screen Achievement Award for most promising newcomer Zhong Chuxi is of concern.

n, Zhong Chuxi was born 93 years although the movie screen is new, as Huayi.. has starred in several TV series, however, compared to the "green" senior film in the sense of the TV in the works of Zhong Chu Xi really a little general.

and network television drama Zhong Chuxi and most of the small screen with the same woman, belongs to the "gorgeous" features a beautiful face, but no characteristics, look at look at opera lovers, it is difficult to divide into memorable category.

in the movie "Youth" is not the same, the three-dimensional facial features clean collocation temperament, dancers cool, proudly temperament will undoubtedly show, only by stills, give memorable visual impact, like Yan Geling pen under the youthful fanghua.

but think of Feng Xiaogang that "when casting the whole volume of discussion; the clock is Chuxi with what high-level sense of the bonus counter attack?

some people happy about what

is to change the src= "high sense

actually observed Zhong Chuxi private photos is not difficult to find, this girl is absolutely a personality of the texture of the girl, when to throw in the stereotype of TV works with thin cat eye liner pick willow curved eyebrow. Clean eye makeup collocation and pseudo wild boy, perfect highlight features of stereoscopic advantage; with bright and clean good skin, instantly soften the eyebrow eyed five official sharp sense of increased adolescent temperament and yet" and "private label. Never let people make people exclaim gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, Feng Xiaogang's sharp eyes casting.

senior beauty inside and conceal Fenghua, while the low-end beauty only in a more direct way to prove their existence, influence of the makeup temperament sometimes is so wonderful. This kind of feeling and the movie another known temperament little sister Ni Ni is very similar, as girls, regardless of sun circle of friends or activity, Ni Ni makeup style mostly simple and natural, which is actually Ni Ni in the makeup and Zhong Chuxi love "cool" sense of makeup.

this kind of makeup can not only highlight facial texture, more prominent facial lines of beauty itself, will not make a prominent makeup effect to strong oppression, belongs to the comfortable and yet senior makeup, very suitable for female students improve temperament, natural and contrived makeup the girl is also very enhance sense of sense.

the latest issue of "the actor's birth" in "recall" in "Memoirs of a Geisha was called Gong Li slap, ruthless even fingerprints cannot disappear in Zhang Ziyi, that the one thousand and one Acura beauty editor senior film face a problem.

hangs thick eyeliner drooping of the upper eyelid and let old do not say, do not know this honey pink eye shadow several means, of course, there may be a chapter of the empress recently love pink, do not believe that each essential, different colors, brilliant pink tender powder also grab a gorgeous hanging lipstick good hand lens; of course it is not the most terrible, makeup is white and exaggerated; Zhang Ziyi in the movie makeup gap.

is not to say that makeup is not good, is not fixed on the good temperament of "cold makeup" will be the same as Guadan nude make-up is the most important, there is a degree of contrast; for example this same seemingly "gorgeous" actually cool makeup is very good, heavy pink eye shadow line the same.

but only some light pink eye shadow, slightly with a little brown tone; and eyeliner and mascara on the eyelashes weakened the heavy sense of outstanding fine texture, and at the end of eye liner do fine hook; the tone is more matte makeup, only in color on the basis of a slightly white color to improve skin texture, rather than blindly greedy white; finally, the choice of color is gorgeous color, but the blues partial red, not exaggerated, only full of texture.

for the female who is to listen to the youth actor Huang Xuan in how to evaluate the female beauty

"the actor's birth" engraved countless classic film and television works, to participate in the recording of the acting is mixed, but no matter how often lack some acting, once the classic charm for example, Zheng Shuang and Ouyang Nana. "My father mother" is a good example of this, although with the actor, acting in a certain extent, but more with the fifth generation and