Semi permanent two color, is really for you! In fact, a color is too simple!

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Semi permanent two color, is really for you! In fact, a color is too simple!

2017-12-15 09:26:23 91 ℃
Do the most tangled semi permanent eyebrows

many customers is the eyebrows fade, for a long time still need time to maintain the traditional color, eyebrow color and not so long, so trouble!

maybe a lot of mushroom cool after listening to a face Meng force! In fact, the reason is very simple


why do their own food to eat on the same day,

eat for up to 2 days, while supermarkets sell ready-made food shelf life is very long?

because of the added preservatives, even harmless, but it is not the original

for example micro plastic

why not only expensive and about half of hyaluronic acid is decomposed,

and Amazingel (a disabled dangerous material injection)

can keep for many years until?

tattoo is actually the reason!

keep for a long time is not the most important, safety and health is the most important!

many experts say: keep the tattoo eyebrow for more than 3 years is a mistake, for more than 4 years is a mistake, for more than 5 years is "crime".

a friend came to consult me tattoo price, I said to do a semi permanent tattoo to thousands of other less, she said as long as a few hundred dollars, can keep for a long time, I said it was not a semi permanent tattoo, she spent 380 yuan to tattoo eyebrow, but now they have to spend eyebrow more than 6800!

semi permanent tattoo though expensive, but in the pigment is more secure, more shallow implantation level, therefore, the late complementary semi permanent

tattoo! Although need 2 complementary, but 3 years later, you will not blame me, your eyebrows will not become red eyebrows, Lan Meimao, green eyeliner.

will fade! If you do not have eyebrows fade, you only need to worry about the

tattoo fade! Don't worry about it... What about ?


semi permanent tattoo pigment, appropriate techniques will fade

first, the pigment

natural plant pigment (import, have certification, safety)

chemical drugs containing heavy metals

semi permanent is used by the body absorption and metabolism of natural pigment, and traditional munsu by the chemical pigments. More of the color, while the latter is easier to change color, demitint.


insertion depth of semi permanent makeup : basal layer 0.1-0.2mm

common tattoo: dermis of 1-2mm

semi permanent makeup implantation depth, the body can fall

and traditional The new supersedes the old., Wenxiu implanted deeper, is conducive to pigment absorption, and once the coloring are generally permanent. Because

is a semi permanent makeup more secure in pigment, implant level is more shallow, so, so, we need to post this! Why color for you, because the

is the best color for safety! Don't treat your precious face with cheap things.

believes that women should know the use of imported pigment, finished in the treating position often appear after tattoo color is very pale, if encounter this kind of situation, don't panic!

because the import pigment is generally needed for the two color, some even need a third color, so that the performer to treat the two complementary with common heart. Although

is a semi permanent tattoo to color, but after 3 years, you will not blame me, your eyebrows will not become blue and red and green Eyeliner eyebrow eyebrows.

actually I want to be quick and easy to do, but why insist on using imported natural pigments? In fact,

fade is a normal scab, scab off process:

semi permanent tattoo necessary during 6 stages: design, color, color, color, scab and forming < / strong>. The pale color of the eyebrows is only the result of the fourth stages of the eyebrows, which is normal, so you don't have to worry too much!

is here to tell you: the first is the normal color eyebrow!

is the first test of skin color, and shape, the second are complementary colors, belong to the semi permanent make-up of formal operation, just started to make color a little heavier, 3 to 7 days 28 days of scab, skin presents pigment absorption degree of final The new supersedes the old!

the first color recovery will appear after the light color, the phenomenon of lack of color, even without color, all is normal, need to be completed by late color adjustment.

28 days after the two color (

color) when the first color recovery will appear after the light color, the phenomenon of lack of color, all belong to the normal situation, through the late two color adjustment! The first is to test the color of skin, and the formation of the second are complementary color, 28 days of skin metabolism