It's not fat to keep warm when they learn to wear it.

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It's not fat to keep warm when they learn to wear it.

2017-12-15 09:26:28 136 ℃

wants to keep warm and cool winter really is not so easy, "what to wear today" such a seemingly simple but very difficult problem tangled for a long time every day, nice clothes is not warm, warm clothes and too bloated.

woman but who do not worry too much, because the problem in this winter has been fashionable fine with layering easy to resolve , the brightest star already well versed in routine, whether field street or machine daily PW are so wear.

Tang Yan wore a camel lamb wool fold wear pumpkin zipper collar coat, the same color collocation senior and warm.

walking high power power machine with grass tannin wine red velvet jacket denim jacket hit debut airport, casual and suction eye.

Ma Sichun in the green cotton denim jacket in a stack with a simple T-shirt, black pants and Ma Dingxue is a cool girl.

Tang Yixin fold put other can be directly imitated, two pieces of denim jacket with fold wear sweater, leisure and fresh, pay attention to the thickness and color difference can be. Qi Wei,

, prefers to mix and match the wind. Recently, the airport has also been put on the road. Although the three layers and three layers are not bloated, they are more sophisticated.

after watching these stars' stacking and modeling, you will also feel that several clothes overlap together is very strange, is far away from us? In small Yan's view, is not only warm but also concave modeling, today to talk about daily can also wear out of a few models.


Turtleneck Shirt come in many people's minds, turtleneck and fashion does not seem detached, but in recent years by the fashion turtleneck re affirmed, accepted and loved by more and more people, other fold wear of the single product is it.

and said the collocation routines when they were previously folded. The shirt is a year-round hot single product, autumn shirt but not to close up the Turtleneck Shirt sleeve in the warm outside, not bloated, may let you spend the winter fashion. Tips

outfit is open shirt collar, revealing a turtleneck long neck line , no longer afraid of failing to show a high collar.

, the weather gets colder and colder. When the girls wear their coats, they can learn fashionable fashion.

in southern autumn girls like a big cousin, motorcycle leather collocation plaid shirt + T-shirt, black trousers and boots below Martin, a cool street girl.

has entered the cold winter babies obediently wearing cotton padded clothes, wrapped himself.

coat sweater + all you recently very popular sweater + coat to wear stack, seemingly casual dress routine simple but very fashionable, leisure and healthy, but just to meet these two fire moving wind!

sweater + flight jacket, the most common fold wear sweater. Absolute fashion is not Zhuangshan, then you can choose pants tight jeans and black trousers.

sweater + leather, the stack to wear many fashionable all through the fine, recommended to choose loose clothing, wearing a tight shirt in the sweater inside, after all, a suit or very cold.

sweater + suit jacket, sweater and jacket can also stack is popular this year in the formal sense of casual sweater just and suit, regardless of class or go can choose a set of collocation. If you are afraid of cold, add a coat outside the suit.

sweater + suit coat type , whether it is pure black suit or plaid suit, sweater collocation is not used to molimen.

bold use of color collision, rich sense, and not so monotonous.

+ cotton sweater coat, wearing a profile of this year has been popular Oh, big padded feet pants collocation is very perfect, will not be very cumbersome, and a hoodie, warm and bright