Don't wait for me to finish it, Fan Bingbing with the same kind of broad leg pants you've got.

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Don't wait for me to finish it, Fan Bingbing with the same kind of broad leg pants you've got.

2017-12-15 18:26:48 89 ℃

broad legs hide flesh thin, walking with wind. The design of tall waist waist leg length can increase significantly. More importantly, you can also wear a long johns inside and can not be found. The advantages of the broad leg pants are so many that you can't finish the number. Look at the four pieces that you have prepared for you today, which is the best for you.

star model

Fan Ye in the first few days of a red coat and let other COCO eyes bright red, and indeed the Fan Ye's ride, but the body shape is elegant feeling that ordinary black wide leg pants, simple style, but no small contribution. After the popularity of

"wide and narrow", it became popular on the "narrow and wide". Liu Shishi had walked through this way. Loose Wide Leg Jeans slim color collocation that a high necked sweater, and elegant atmosphere. A good tempered man wears anything.

Ma Sichun exposure photo Likuo leg jeans also have appearance, light colored jeans and white collocation turtleneck jacket, light coloured dress simple and refreshing.

this year's hot wide leg trousers include jeans, wide leg pants, woolen, corduroy, wide leg pants, suit wide leg pants and sports broad leg pants. Although they all belong to the big family of broad leg pants, the style and collocation can be varied, and I guess which one you look at.

cowboy wide leg pants

won the stars favor cowboy wide leg pants nature has its favored, cowboy wide leg pants jeans and baggy pants is a combination of the two, has both advantages and all-match Denim Wear, casual and comfortable features wide leg pants.

is the more loose in the leg, so it seems to be thinner in the waist. Want to show the girls winter waist like Bella can choose a short waist cotton, say no to bloated"!

is more suitable for the summer, but there is no problem with the light color coat. The winter wear comfortable feeling is really a master.

pure blue denim baggy pants is absolutely classic, high waisted and long pants to block heel styles legpulling tuxiuxiu stronger than the effect of a times, but also very general sense of retro poster girl.

, the collocation of dark style is more free. There is no limit to the color of the upper garment. It can be bold to try to print and bright coat to create different style of wear.

wool corduroy, wide leg pants

hair Nekuo leg pants as wide leg pants in the warm play, single wear enough warm. The thick texture of the wool can give you a sense of safety in the cold winter.

herringbone style classical atmosphere, texture details show the good wool rough texture, very suitable for winter in the workplace.

the same warm corduroy and baggy pants and corduroy corduroy is also known, the surface will have a vertical pile. Tight corduroy trousers are easy to be fat and easy to step on, but the broad legs are much more friendly and colorful and have a very antique texture.


wide leg pants suit wide leg pants is the most frivolous style wide leg pants, with very beautiful drape texture. In winter, the broad legged trousers that wear this kind of fabric can bring the summer's soft beauty into the winter. The simplest way to wear a suit is to wear a suit, not only to retain the practice of the suit, but also to the number of times more fashionable than the ordinary suit suit.

wide leg pants suit pants suit pants make serious clean, more natural, even the most simple collocation can be fashionable and beautiful.

suits and wide leg pants are the most colorful, and from white to black, all colors are covered. White broad leg pants with various colors have concise and concise wear.

white color is more soft, more all-match. However, no matter what the match, you should remember to wear high heels is a good way to show the features of the broad legs.

camel suit wide leg pants continuation of the camel consistently gentle temperament, although black thin white atmosphere