Ordinary leg pants and sweaters do not wear like this, and they should study well.

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Ordinary leg pants and sweaters do not wear like this, and they should study well.

2017-12-15 18:27:04 89 ℃

heard that you have begun to prepare for the Party dress at the end of the year? But do not give up the daily dress. Recently, we have seen how many of the major media recommended for you to wear a lot. In fact, there are several kinds of clothes that keep warm and look good in winter. What is important is how to do the same thing every day. Today, follow the seal of the seal.

in this period, Japanese street features can be said to be very practical, not too exaggerated color collocation, are relatively low-key collocation to learn everyday.

this blingbling a pair of trousers is very festive atmosphere, "Dad" black jacket can also wear so temperament.

in winter to wear velvet long skirts? No problem, a universal ride, if it is a cashmere sweater more warm. This pair of velvet sandals is also very unique, and Japanese girls all like to wear socks with sandals and style.

tired of watching daily collocation can only learn advanced common fold wear mix, a simple shirt can solve the same collocation.

this Lolita style may be a lot of people will feel less daily, but this style of deep love to give to friends.

Plaid small suit skirt collocation, make the old ruffled skirt exudes personality and uninhibited and the integration of the handsome suit. Sports stockings with sharp boots are also an unexpected match.

red windbreaker is echoed with red handbag, which is simply a landscape in winter.

classic black and white shoes, very suction eye.

, burnt yellow coat, strong absorption. This match tells us that the inside is not important. The right coat is enough.

this cowboy nine wide leg pants design sense is very strong, wide trousers off slim legs, strong contrast, highlight the long legs.

that combines a trace of collocation of antiquity, seemingly random cut white sweater ride antiquity full tulle gown, elegant and fresh.

King windbreaker pants leg, super practical.

sweater wider leg pants, too common girl can spend more in style and color.

does not know the practical outfit, we still love?