Guan Xiaotong is like a mother, Ouyang Nana, but it is a mess! Netizen: Luhan this vision

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Guan Xiaotong is like a mother, Ouyang Nana, but it is a mess! Netizen: Luhan this vision

2017-12-15 18:27:12 276 ℃

Guan Xiaotong morning appeared in Beijing airport,

in love she wore a sweet pink jacket, Guan Xiaotong makeup appearance, red eyes black eye obviously, but she is still smiling, is shocked the field street or to us!

pink jacket collocation exaggerated sleeves that she seemed the embodiment of "vigorously seaman", full of qiangjing. There is also a green white stitching hem collocation sweater, a scarf with a rustic color. Like the

eyes, visible on the morning the body tired, inevitably some aunt fan.

I don't know whether I have eaten fat recently or the angle of shooting. Guan Xiaotong looks like a round person.

and this remarkable old-fashioned hair color, is not really a stylist in the pit of her?

fans under the lens makeup Guan Xiaotong airport, flying self deer's no idol burden to see the lens also smiled, fully demonstrated the 19 year old girl's playfulness!

only at the age of 2 years old Ouyang Nana airport look is fresh and natural.

earlier Ouyang Nana dressed in simple white grey cloak T collocation sweater, black jeans collocation Martin boots, youth and vigor, holding the second airport drinks, snack goods. Coat + tights modified body

oversize, all black super black handbag hand dress cool full is a whole small and slender.

the slim figure of her face with a smile, her face white to light.

foot short black boots as she looked at the airport dessert station "text-align: start style=

with collagen, look feel envy jealous hate that ~~~

is compared is the 17 year old Ouyang Nana is 19 year old Guan Xiaotong was tender will dress more?

two is only two stand together like a fairy like a selling vegetables aunt! It's really embarrassing.

How do you look at it?