Can pregnant sons save Ying Er's "breasts"? Tang Yan, baby and Ni Ni of thin body star give the idea of solving the problem

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Can pregnant sons save Ying Er's "breasts"? Tang Yan, baby and Ni Ni of thin body star give the idea of solving the problem

2017-12-15 18:27:31 251 ℃

birthday of Ying Er's young sister, a young sister, has been spread to the Internet in party, with Fu Xinbo in the cosmos brand off-white.

has nothing to do with brand advocacy Athleisure, like an ordinary couple who can enter IKEA by pushing shopping cart.

do not know Ying Er's maternal filter open strokes, Yan quite can play, is a kind of neighborhood a good marriage, oh ~ (the wind well? How is a good marriage, "/1ydzximg/0HvtmBdR0i")

2017 years can be regarded as a "new year" people eat melon, although many are incorporated into the idea that drama, but also came a lot of good news, Sheenah, Xiong Dailin, Choo Ja Hyun...... These good pregnant women, plus their other half, have been able to unlock the list of "where Dad went" for the N season a few years later.

, recently Fu Xinbo and Ying Er share the happy event, a mutual friend Chen Xuedong together on the hot search, but there are friends of minute fantasy play melon's affection with humanistic Sadomasochism is how fat like?

said that Fu Xinbo and Ying Er also made a small Oolong last time. When the two people recognized love, he was accused of being in the wrong person, and regarded the high imitation number as himself.

is open and sweet, sweet and sweet. When they attend the activities together, they wear Gucci together. Ying Er also has the Valentino white shoes (not in the screenshots).

said, before Ying Er was concerned at all in the storm thin left "chest ribs", selected in April last year the WeCouture V deep Shaqun, has been able to see the surrounding bony.

especially this picture, how many people give up the excuse of losing weight! (of course, body health management is necessary)

bad lighting, rough makeup and hair slightly greasy, not only did not make Ying Er become a delicate beauty of city, but there is a "part-time etiquette weddings and funerals" fu. A

Ellery dress texture is also very cheap, for the people of yellow star Ying Er is not friendly, also can feel powerless to control it in his picture of Ying Er.

recently participated in the JUNNE white dress. Although the spareribs are still obvious, the cutting of lotus leaves can widen the visual effect and make the upper circumference appear plump. The head of the ball and the bangs can also be reduced to a lot of age.

Ying Er is a myth of collocation, is for the deep V and honey dew clavicle obsession, this point about Fan Bingbing, A Jiao and colleagues wholesale donkey hoof shoes, tied for the black hole model of the artistes who.

can do that unless the fashion magazine holding a bowl full of chicken retouching skills, otherwise the Burberry will be Strapless clothing people of disaster.

thin Ying Er does have a marked clavicle, but her natural bone is not soft enough. She has a slight shortage of women's full skirt, and the difference with the next door's AB is very touching.

although the size models such as Ashley Graham in the fashion circle but A new force suddenly rises., ingrained ideas are hard to change once, all of a sudden she always is particularly interested in the stars.

heart pain Wuli Zhang Ling, life is so fat fat and fat...

so in the circle, the small head and the narrow shoulder always become the favorite of the lens, but the question is, is this kind of thin female star more fashionable?

thin body represents Dongyu Zhou recently wore a new movie at the Dsquared2 spring conference, finishing these winter uncle can still feel the shoulder and knee weakness, dress, heavy feeling.

may adjust the length, the color of clothing for a more refreshing light, not the pursuit of more metal accessories fenlianggan, in order to better play to the characteristics of thin body star smart?

Dongyu Zhou activities with the DAZZLE dress, a lot of immortals.

opened in 2018 ahead of time to unlock the play with Tang Yan, recently busy shuttling between the various big red carpet, also contributed a lot of licking the screen photos, such as Valentino and JennyPackham's red dress skirt.

is also a pageant, and the COUTURiSSIMO's robe is a little worse. The reason is in front of the design is too complicated, and the strong contrast of black and white color, I have lost the light grave.

in retouchers can not start the broadcast (left), a dress is "full" intuitive feelings will be stronger, the higher the degree of fitting fabric (Tang Yan the skirt part is lace) there will be more of a "tight" feeling, obviously can not play the advantages of thin the star body. Ni Ni's Giambarttista Valli long skirt in the month of

10 was also call by his own fans. Because some inevitable so skinny Ni Ni chose more chest ribs