You don't have to be sensitive to Wang Yuan's cosmetic surgery

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You don't have to be sensitive to Wang Yuan's cosmetic surgery

2017-12-15 18:27:34 118 ℃

fans hand in hand to circle around the earth three tfboys hot search, this is because the group in the "cute little king source is grilled suspected cosmetic. The solemn statement in

studio published this news is not true, after Fan Bingbing, Li Chen couple immediately said: Wang source but eat up cute! But the whole thing?

and main cicada as a professional eat melon masses, already on the rise of the circle and true or false rumors used cosmetic.

type cosmetic Lianliankan a part of the whole star always hit the face, but the audience always look dazzling.

had too many female stars from pure and pleasant face full of collagen, played the awl face, toot mouth red net Lianliankan game. For example,

some time ago accidentally become false face on behalf of the Li Xiaolu sisters.

, but the whole even, afraid of you or P senior game player, such as non super multi baby Liu Zichen.

cosmetic person is just going through puberty perfect baptism, but make people doubt what guards magic.

is the most typical example is the circle now countless powder easy to smelt one thousand yuxi. Some time ago to "COSMO" magazine photo shoot was out, let the majority of female fans Wujin their little heart.

as uncle / aunt / brother / sister powder you, probably very honored to participate in the youth develop a plan .

because even if you do not fly him, he occupied micro-blog hot search time will make the mobile phone screen before you have a younger brother vu.

and as the king of the source, before go is Meng Da line, a small meat face like a child. Although the main

cicada dare not conclusive, but look at what profile changes, and open long Magic who are immeasurable.


of each type of cosmetic slimming fat are potential shares may be true: By Lu Xun.

star two generation Chen Feiyu (Kaige Chen and Chen Hong two son), is a small meat dumplings, my mother used to describe his "fat creamy" .

but his amazing perseverance, only half a year, from 210 pounds successfully reduced to more than 130 pounds. Chen Hong said, he went to school in the United States after the first holiday back lost 30 kilograms. (don't stop your evil hands of chips!)

17, 190, logo features. Smooth was closed "the most handsome star two generation title.

for you to see the correct style of feeding young cat.

ring "facelift", you whole? The progress in the

era, more vigorous phenomenon of cosmetic surgery. And they are more or less will happen to you or friends or acquaintances friends.

in the earlier "Li Xiaolu" Tucao conference, a positive response to his plastic surgery rumors : "everyone has the heart of beauty, as long as it is through normal channels, to ensure their own safety on the line."

star cosmetic you want to ask the main It is quite common for the cicada, how to see you, as head of plastic surgery?

if one day your friend suddenly told you he / she must go to cosmetic surgery, how do you react? There is a

called "humorous observation room" program conducted on this street interview.

and the main cicada found that most people can accept plastic surgery, this is "a wish to play anyway, one is willing to endure."

shots from the observation room "

the little brother loved more.

and he wanted to "Xifeng into Fan Bingbing" desire to let him get it to the cicada.

female acceptance of cosmetic surgery will be higher, Li Xiaolu should be the phrase "beauty of the heart, the person all has."

, of course, also have a cheap Xixi and very honest girl bluntly: "support ah, anyway and not spend my money."

, but also has an angry.