Cousin Liu Shishi's favorite woolen coat, has 90 years of fire!

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Cousin Liu Shishi's favorite woolen coat, has 90 years of fire!

2017-12-15 18:27:50 76 ℃

people always pursue fashion hot fresh and changeable, for the sake of a "beautiful, but you know the only" classic "can really make people unable to forget. This winter, the classic tweed back again, perhaps say, it never left view of fashion, it is elegant, yet soft texture, strong plasticity, in the trend of fashion stage is evergreen amidst the winds of change does not fall.

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tweed is carded by a wear wool fabric, native to Scotland. "Tweed" (Tweed) the word comes from the Scotland word "tweel", meaning "fabric", but because the spelling of tweel is very close to Scotland through England and at the junction of the Tweed River, and the local people used in the Tweed River in rinsing the fabric, so the Tweed word became Tweed.

now everyone will Soft Twill, Lenovo to Chanel, but in fact the beginning of it most used in menswear design above, is Coco Chanel for the first time into the Tweed dress above, from 1927 onwards, tweed began the fad, from the beginning of 1930s, Scarlett Bailier, Chanel rayon and wool bold combination of thickness of a thread to produce too many to count changeable fabrics, tweed has gradually become the classic elements of the Chanel brand.

Chanel 2017/18 "modern" classical spring vacation series conference moved to Chengdu, the combination of classical and modern, ancient Greek culture to modern fashion inspiration of "Modernity" this season is more classical, many details of the design basis of the exclusive tweed, full Chanel tweed grace.

the scene models painted fashionable makeup, all like classical and gorgeous out of the ancient Greek goddess.

cousin a tweed Chanel trouser suit, full of British gas, to bring out her elegant temperament, properly field two meters long eight legs!

cousin in Paris fashion week also wore twill soft long tassel coat, showing French style and accompanying elegance.

short nude twill soft coat and bead bead embroidered skirt combination, easy to follow with fresh and charming.

is not only to participate in activities, especially in private big cousin also Plaid tweed, this long tweed coat against the skin is white "cousin, careful machine" is the waist long legs show advantage most incisive.

CHANEL Liu Shishi as China makeup ambassador, wearing CHANEL spring 2018 trailer series tweed vest, spring vacation series knitting skirt at the CHANEL fringe spring vacation series 2017/18 Chengdu conference, people feel refreshing and short hair style!

Liu Shishi wore the black and white grid suit in the 2017 autumn winter high show series held by The Grand Palace in Paris.

short tweed coat

allows you to easily switch

twill Plaid gentle and casual jeans collision is also very creative. Ink green and red twill twill soft coat, full of spring breath, youthful elegance.

gray twill soft coat, concise and dry, and show elegant feminine taste.

a tweed soft suit allows you to throw away heavy and warm in winter, showing French elegance and romance.

short tweed jacket collocation wide leg pants or jeans are very suitable for occupation, as women dress is not a bad idea. The collocation of light twill and broad legged jeans is fashionable, elegant and street