At last, it's not enough to wait until the beauty of "Fang Hua" to see the beauty of the one hundred times

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At last, it's not enough to wait until the beauty of "Fang Hua" to see the beauty of the one hundred times

2017-12-17 18:25:22 193 ℃
Finally wait until "Fang Hua" is on! Although the "Youth" you must have been released before the appearance of Zhong Chuxi the little sister of the high rate of suction eye many times, many younger sister are fans of a grasp of a lot of things as early as the habit, but with the release of the film, still can not help but to praise the little sister look ten thousand times are not enough. Value and taste!

said to Zhong Chuxi the younger sister of the United States, Scarlett sister must mention the same person a good heart of Hsu Chi.

fifty-fourth Golden Horse Awards we do not know about or not, after Hsu Chi deliberately Po in addition to a horse photo, began to see themselves but not miss Zhong Chuxi sister Oh, and with the text: "for me the most beautiful yesterday".

and Wuli Chuxi bell also separated empty to respond to this compliment, say than simply get a prize! A series of "exclamation marks" expressed the excitement of being an iron rod.

can get their praise of the goddess, is really a surprise, but really, when the bell Chuxi innocent beautiful ah, you see! Of course, the true feelings of Hsu Chi, also really let Jia Jie to look at each other, swimming hold these two young sisters with high beauty and good taste!

as Wuli Chu Xi's other beauty Look. After the secrecy said ~

youth such as "Xi" and "she"

a long time ago, the role of the film poster on the brush a sense of presence, let a person memorable.

, especially this group, the strong poster color and Chu Xi little sister's dance moves directly bring people back to the age of Fanghua.

"Youth" as everyone knows, according to the Yan Geling novel of the same name, also tells the background from 1970 to 1980s, a group of Fanghua youth life story in the art troupe.

"backstage seemed to say three words, also cannot do without the" ideal "and" passion "and other words. (I guess you see Huang Xuan see entranced!)

Zhong Chuxi and the role of "Xiao ears" is also true. As a troupe of female, romantic and full of heart of girl.

on the first day of the release, Xiao Hsiao Zi's word of mouth to usher in the opening! In addition to the beauty of high beauty and the beauty of dance, even the tomatoes all eat the hearts of the people, Jia Jie is also serving.


does not know this 1993 sound out of the little sister is a step by step how to capture your heart! But she began to learn dancing at the age of 3.

, in a word, when looking at "Fang Hua", do not love this lady too much! As for her more beauty, look down!

Diamond Girl develops

. The elder sister has said Zhong Chuxi's beauty on the Golden Horse Awards. Do you agree with your nod?

to tell the truth, she also did not want to flash that day, dressed in a beautiful dress wearing soft charm, the Earl of PIAGET Extremely Piaget series Piaget series Extremely senior jewelry earrings, "D cor Dentelle" and "Extremely Bracelet Piaget series D cor Palace the blingbling ring. It is shining!

was invited to become the opening film of the film festival at the first Pingyao International Film Exhibition.

and Zhong Chuxi at Pingyao Film Festival not only played the black and white match with jewelry and dress, but also became an animal girl, dancing with the swan.

dressed in a white strapless dress debut premiere red carpet Zhong Chuxi, Boucheron Boucheron series Cypris collocation animal White Swan Diamond Pendant with black Choker, highlighting the shoulder and neck Swan elegant curve; decorated with Cypris point fingers White Swan diamond ring, can be said to be soft and elegant small adorable animal to wear upper body!

, in short, this miss sister is not only beautiful but also good at temperament, plus daily knowledge of "power powder", which gives fans the autograph signature of Vermillion leaves. Many more fans, many brother sisters heart shizaibide!

source China / Oriental IC

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