The world's most handsome six old masters tell you: age is a fart!

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The world's most handsome six old masters tell you: age is a fart!

2017-12-17 18:25:51 665 ℃

said, "the old Bacon", many people first thought might be Ku Kui Kei or Jimmy Lin like "

, but more than 6 old meat the most beautiful in the world, they are not old enough.

the real old bacon is like this!

Anthony Varrecchia 60 years old fox,

, male fitness coach, chief spokesman of social media. It has a perfect muscle, a solid face and a fluttering silver hair. A perfect control of any clothes, style.

Nick Wooster, 56 year old

Neiman Marcus Bergdorf Goodman, the American Department of fashion director, world photographers candids preferred. A strong muscle, a classic sign of dress style, let his wild and intractable rage.

Aiden Shaw, 50 year old

has a life story, as a prostitute, took 50 gay tablets, once addicted to drugs. Over two albums, had 6 books. It is now a model for all the big fashion brands to invite. That's what the master is!

old metrosexual man Zhang is known as China Shuangli, most have a taste of the old man. The degree of the tide can be known as the Chinese version of Nick Wooster. 62 years old, he still has a perfect figure, the accumulation of time to bring him unrivalled stability and maturity, the end of the explosion of small meat.

Wang Deshun, the 80 year old

, male artist, actor. Three identities are not enough to sum up the charm of Wang Deshun. At the China International Fashion Week in 2015, the scene of his 80 year old naked upper body led the model to the scene. His big stature and heroic spirit, let his fans jumped.

G nther Krabbenh, FT, 105!

, you are not mistaken, the old German bacon from Germany is 105 years old. He is also very elegant art atmosphere of the street community a rare treasure, his gentleman but not old-fashioned dress, quiet noble temperament, let a person completely see through his age.

in the 6 world's most handsome old bacon, someone because of the vicissitudes of life and handsome, handsome temperament, someone because someone because of easy and handsome, but also because of the handsome gentleman. But they all have one thing in common

is not old to spread traces, every body can chasing

and integrate them into the bones of the healthy lifestyle, fitness is closely related to year after year.

he is 80 years old but the word horse

fitness is never as muscle and fitness, fitness should be a body responsible for their own living habits.

saw so many handsome old master

20 coming to us, and what excuse not to work hard?


regardless of age fashion regardless of the

attitude is everything!

has heard that it has been concerned about it, and its figure has improved. Does

not believe it? Have a try!