Middle aged women short hair how to tie more good-looking? Two tie hair tutorial show young

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Middle aged women short hair how to tie more good-looking? Two tie hair tutorial show young

2016-07-22 11:21:41 581 ℃

Most middle-aged women keep a head of hair, because it would not have all day to take care of, but time on women's best gift is the intellectual elegance, want to give others elegant feeling must first have a suitable hairstyle, don't think short hair, will not create a nice hairstyle Oh today Xiaobian brings two hair tie hair tutorial, let you middle-aged women learn hair how binding only the best looking.

First hair bangs and on both sides of the hair rich curve can well modified facial contour, side small braids with a pattern of youth sense, and overall fluffy feeling more in line with the current trend. In the second paragraph of short balls like turn roll bangs youth unlimited, with face beside the paste Shun hair and smooth forehead, filling the young people like the full of vigor and vitality, reduce age effect is perfect!

Style 1 / Step 1

First to hair spray moisturizing spray or gel water wetting, then use curlers from the roots of the hair roll outward (no hair curler can also be used hair and hair dryer instead of OH), the strands of hair curled.

Style 1 / Step 2

The side of the braided hair a into braids, addendum to the note to random doesn't have to be too structured, usable hand will be arbitrary marathon of hair, making a fleeciness and messy texture of air, the word folder cross to fix the braids.

Style 1 / Step 3

The bangs and the side of the hair inward torsional amplitude, then the word folder from inside the hair to be fixed, and adjusted the arc of your favorite, still need to pay attention to maintain a sense of fluffy hair as a whole.

Style 1 / Step 4

Finally, in order to maintain the integrity of the hair, with the type of spray can be used to hand over the smooth part of the hair or get a marathon, a fluffy feeling full of hair on the way to complete it!

Style 2 / Step 1

First, pick central fringe position, use hair sticks will be part of the bangs back bigger wave curly, curly hair can spray drying spray modeling, to make the hair more stereotypes.

Style 2 / Step 4

Finally, stick with the curly hair to face around the hair slightly involute, the more close to the face to obey, highlight the effective head on fluffy bangs, the vigor feeling full of hair will be completed.