Sexy actress love V Biao, who is most at play

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Sexy actress love V Biao, who is most at play

2016-07-22 11:22:17 2002 ℃

Is not difficult to find, in the red carpet, on the catwalk, many stars are the same, with a deep V dress style as a shirt debut. But the clothes is not enough, to the limelight, but also have chest shape, sexy and creative style. Today small inventory of the red carpet show women deep V shape, you guess who is the most common? Who has the most scenes?

Fan Bingbing

Deep V armor silver dress, the embodiment of female soldiers, sexy. Necklace collocation is neither fish nor fowl.

Pink lace perspective outfit, it is a good skin white and tender, lace flower type and the combination of the Pearl film is very feminine.

Liu Yan

Blue chiffon dress, sexy V perspective deepen, there are beautiful.

Deep V fish skirt, slim version of significant figure, very pretty and charming, like a mermaid.

Tian Jing
Sweet Tian Jing dressed as a floral skirt, gentle, intellectual and sexy. The girl hidden ah!

Joe Chen

Joe Chen is really very beautiful portrait of fhm! Black lace deep V dress, a good figure!

Lin Chiling

Gold deep V strapless dress, domineering side leakage, Zhiling sister gentle smile softened the the Yingqi, is the so-called rigid flexible and economic, but also so. Beautiful as the goddess of the goddess Athena, dazzling brilliance!Black V dress skirt, elegant and noble.

Zhang Yuqi

This cabbage green dress dress, let Zhang Yuqi fame big dry, colourful pressure of the audience. Deep V will show good figure most incisive, delicate makeup is increased splendor, beautiful atmosphere!

This is a baby very temperament, fresh and mild, but the body is weak, can not afford to support the deep V dress design.

Dare naked visits to museums
Ni Ni temperament and aura is really also nobody, nothing, a nude deep V dress skirt, clean and comfortable as if not anthropophagi firework, not sexy goddess!

This hit the naked color deep V dress, very elegant and generous, metal belt design is very personality. Such a Hsu Chi is not a description of the United states!