Better than the British Princess Kate, her sister!

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Better than the British Princess Kate, her sister!

2016-07-22 19:03:33 288 ℃

Said Kate is indeed numerous teenage hearts hu want to -- a popular girl, occasionally met prince, then fell in love with him, from now on the happy life.

Let a person envy, really like a fairy tale in the life..

However, foreign media recently have hinted that the wake up little girls, the real winners in life foundation is not Kate, but her sister Pippa Middleton

Prior to this, a lot of Pippa are not familiar with, she first presented in the public line of sight is 2011 sister married the hour as the bridesmaid. Her beautiful figure and surface by the media attention, from the start by the press reports.

Before, she also has a rich handsome male partner, but in the way of three years but still broke up.

Later on the familiar with the fiance James. Last weekend, Pippa and her fiance James in hour of walking, boyfriend suddenly down on one knee, from the bag and pulled out a ring to propose to her.

Pippa happy promise, back when the hands have been more of a $250 thousand dove...

News out, the British boiling, master rushs about to tell: Kate's sister was to marry him, sister Kate Hu think life.

Why do you say so..

The reason is that the James is not the average person. First feel the face of the other boys..

This figure, this picture really models.. Key people have thick hair..

[Prince William:.... ]

Secondly, James is a real diamond bachelor, and is not rich, is quite rich. He is a young and promising hedge fund manager. Because he handled well, the investment in 2007 reached billions of pounds. Besides, his family is also very rich..

He not only in the United Kingdom, there are a lot of overseas property. At present Pippa has moved into his house in London, on the life of mrs...

In addition, this man is still in high quality and rich the second generation, received a very good education. The is Britain's top Eton. Know the book to know the gift, behave appropriately..

About a year ago, Pippa started dating James. They were photographed by the media all photos in a road, it seems, the male partner is quite warm male, girlfriend to give Gu instrumental meticulous.

The look in the eyes, really want to melt the people are.

Sweeter than my sister.

And that's all the time needed to control the emotion law-abiding discipline, what position results represent the national image, while her sister, but can yiyanbuge sat with her husband's private plane world play.

There's a time when Kate wears a dress city, and it's a good time for the media to gossip..

But sister, want to eat what to eat, what to wear what to wear. There is no thought burden..

The house is just want to wear a dress, you can manage it...

So the media reported today,"Sister betrothed, had a sister Kate dream life"

Fairy tales are blatantly deceptive.. Why am I married a prince, but you have a life I desire...

Yes.. The most hateful hair is much more than I do.. ]