The more frequent the hair is cut, the faster it grows? The 12 hairdressing truth you don't know!

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The more frequent the hair is cut, the faster it grows? The 12 hairdressing truth you don't know!

2017-12-24 18:38:38 326 ℃

wants to make her hair long, and then cut it once a month. The film, conditioner became chicken ribs? What widely circulated care habits and hair tips is true or false? Let's take a look at the truth about the health of your hair before you are ready to abandon the shampoo you love or make up your mind to comb your hair 100 times before going to bed.

problem 1: often pruning can speed up the long hair speed?

is long out of the hair from the root, rather than hair. Regular pruning can be split ends or damaged by other parts of the pruned, the whole hair make the hair more healthy growth, but no correlation with the root hair. In general, the growth rate of hair is about 1.25cm a month. Even if you prune it every week, it won't grow faster.

question 2: should the shampoo start from the top of the head?

answer: "style=", "most of the people" are used to put shampoo on the most oily top and add water to rub out foam. In fact, the practice is very dangerous, and it is the culprit of the loss of hair and baldness. The area that first touches the shampoo is the most difficult to rinse thoroughly, and it is easy to have a shampoo. The right thing to do is to apply the shampoo in the palm of your hand and rub out the rich foam and apply it evenly to the hair. Long hair words can be placed in foam dry hair (hair middle) gradually to the top of the head rub scalp, reducing shampoo residue substances on the scalp damage.

problem 3: long time use of the same shampoo, hair will produce immunity to it?

answer: the first is to do the job of shampoo, "shampoo". That is to clean hair. The chemicals contained in shampoo can play a role in improving hair quality, but there will always be residues in long term use, when you will find hair dry and dull. But this is not the reason that hair is immune to the shampoo. At this time, you can use the shampoo with deep cleansing effect or deep scalp cleanser at a frequency of 1-2 times a month to remove the accumulated residual substances from daily shampoo and restore the natural oil secretion of hair.

problem 4: no hair conditioner or not?

answer: "style=", "who is"? "Who told you that conditioner is dispensable? Especially for the hair to make hair more slender and fluffy rich people, daily care the most indispensable step is the use of hair conditioner. The reason is that the conditioner can help you create a more plentiful and fluffy hair texture in the follow - up blow, and counter the damage to the hair by the hot wind. In addition, in order to exchange personal care is also a coup and make hair more abundant. George Papanikolas, the star hairdresser, recommends the use of hair conditioner and shampoo at the time of daily shampoo. This can make the hair more hydrated, reduce hair and dry, and the hair will be more plentiful and fluffy after washing. But in the smear conditioner, please spread down from the ear position, to avoid the use of hair conditioner on hair root and scalp.

problem 5: will hot water fade the dyed hair and make the hair dry?

Yes, with hot water to wash easily lead to hair dye after bleaching, and hot water will take the moisture in the hair, make hair dry. So, be careful not to wash your hair with too much hot water. Heat can also cause harm to the hair. Enter the sauna or shower, please take a shower cap, until the beginning of wash off again.

the problem: cold water can make the hair supple?

complete care program, hair rinse with cold water for about 10 seconds can make the hair more soft and bright. This is because cold water can help close the cuticle of the hair and reflect the light. But this effect is transient. If you want to maintain flexibility and shine for a long time, you can use hair care essential oil and lock the nutrition and moisture in the scalp before shampoo and blow.

issues: cotton dry hair cap makes coarse hair?

cotton dry hair cap in the fiber and the coil will be scattered in the hair, hair cuticle friction, so the hair becomes coarse curly. If you need to use dry hair cap, please be sure to select the more detailed material of superfine fiber material and soft, it does not make coarse hair, but also can quickly absorb moisture.

the problem: long term in the same position with a ponytail will cause local hair loss?