6 times of sexual assault and depression for 20 years, she is now starring the world by naked yoga

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6 times of sexual assault and depression for 20 years, she is now starring the world by naked yoga

2017-12-24 18:38:42 146 ℃

Heidi (Heidi) is a yoga therapist, but also a small celebrity on the Internet. She can upload pictures to praise countless.

she has also taken several groups of almost naked outdoor Yoga photos, amazing the world.

Heidi has an enviable figure. The large scale Yoga photos taken are enchanting but not vulgar.

people admire her courage, but no one could imagine that, before this, Heidi experience in the end what.

when Heidi was 5 years old, little Heidi was once touched by her private place. But at that time, she didn't think it was a violation of these concepts. She just felt a little uncomfortable and confused.

7, when Heidi was 13 years old, she was stripped off her underwear by a friend of her brother, and she was indecent on her legs. She had nothing to resist. This disgusting experience made Heidi feel relieved for a long time. When

in grade seven, in an ordinary process class, Heidi was again touched by his teacher's thighs.

sophomore year, Heidi was raped in an unknown house, she said bitterly: "I don't even know who I am, do not know where, don't know who..."

< P style= "text-align: start >24" when, as a masseuse Heidi with the customers of a business trip, with his wife and children for sexual harassment in her client after the massage, even trying to have sex with her.

after long years, Heidi's life has been filled with the painful memories of being raped, shrouded in the shadow of her anxiety, she was tortured, Heidi suffered from severe depression.

Heidi tried to forget all about it, trying to slowly come out. Fortunately, she found her love husband, Dev, and gave birth to a lovely son, Silas.

however, the fate of the hammer again lie in front of Heidi, when the Silas was six months old, playing in the bathtub to child suddenly stopped breathing, after the rescue or leave Heidi.

at that instant, Heidi collapsed, and also had severe PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder). She abandoned herself to herself, and was in pain every day. She even wanted to commit suicide to end it.

in life in the husband muddle along without any aim, constant encouragement, she found a way to relax the movement of yoga, who knows, a practice cannot extricate oneself.

when doing yoga, Heidi's thoughts are all empty, enjoying the peace and lightness of that moment.

at that moment, she didn't need to think and need nothing to do. She just needed to enjoy calmly, feel free and happy.

a few months later, she seems to be a person. There is a smile on the face, and the depression is miraculously good.

Heidi found the peace of mind in the Yoga world, and also found the meaning of life and the courage to live.

mentioned the dark past again. Heidi just smiled and said, "maybe that's God's test for me."

next day, Heidi persisted in yoga and left her figure all over the world.

she also has a new child traveling with her family to enjoy life, and she will feel the joy of yoga with her family.

she use yoga to encourage yourself, and hope to be able to use their experience to help those who have had the same situation and their own people.

Heidi also opens.