130 can also wear 90 Jin? Thin must master the dressing method!

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130 can also wear 90 Jin? Thin must master the dressing method!

2017-12-25 00:30:28 440 ℃

in the winter to plump girl how to wear in order to avoid the bloated look a bit thinner?

H type VS type cocoon coat coat

asked: two collocation were adopted relatively shallow color coat, the color is more shallow, why the look slimmer? Answer:

1, for the fat girl, H type thin coat. The shoulder length cocoon type coat will widen the body width and can not play a thin role. The material of

2 and chiffon is light. Chiffon itself light thin and heavy winter coat collocation together can effectively weaken the thick coat, while there will be weight loss effect on vision.

"/1ydzximg/0HykfYCgQW" VS

heavy material, light chiffon, plump girl wearing chiffon skirt to show light thin.

a sister do not suggest that fat girl will be denim dress or jeans wear braces directly. The width of the waist tends to highlight the human body, and one step of the jeans and jeans will make the waist wider.

jeans and VS cylinder step skirt

wide leg jeans, denim skirt, slim jeans will make some collocation more breathable, more light and thin.


A word skirt makes the whole people up and down the width is wider, "the narrow width" can show thin.

+ VS dress dress coat single wear

dress coat collocation can make people focus on the visual center of the middle position of the narrow and long skirts (pictured left), wearing the dress of single people's visual center range is very wide.

VS p>

will let the fat girl with long curly hair looks more bloated generous shoulder length hair can be modified face and can reduce the shoulder position hair piled up.

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