"Bright young girl" Tan Songyun little thick leg against chopsticks legs? The style of painting changes!

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"Bright young girl" Tan Songyun little thick leg against chopsticks legs? The style of painting changes!

2017-12-25 18:27:24 325 ℃

90 to say the small stage at present, who is the most beautiful you may think of her, but if any small artistes is "Adorable", with "chowhound" label, smile is the most appealing, so tan Songyun should come into your head first name?

1990 Tan Songyun has a baby face, with a fresh and lively image into everyone in sight, full of collagen face with full of sunshine smile, inverse age growth she has a cute girl next door, no wonder there are a lot of friends said she was the most "girl taste" of the new generation of flowers, while her male god is a new generation of harvester. We

in "cyclone girl", and Wu Lei was born 99 years of love; with 97 years of Liu Haoran interpretation "the best of us"; to "open" sprays, and bear Ziqi group CP 92 years...... Can you see how old Tan Songyun is? We

she may be cute, adorable fresh soft campus. Can also be a sunny girl; smile is full of fresh ebullience have positive energy, fresh sweet clouds intern. In Tan Songyun, what age gap, no sense of violation all does not exist. We

Tan Songyun comes with full girl, in addition to acting and good looks, sweet smile, little legs counter attack style changes, wear it also gave her a lot of points with the. The mushrooms have specially arranged the fashion and collocation of her fashion. The girl can learn from the girl who wants to reduce the age.

LOOK 1 suspenders skirt collocation shirt cute

a dress that is particularly natural comfortable, fresh and not tired. The design version of high waisted, elongated leg line visual effect, want tall feeling an easy job to do. The fresh and refined cowboy blue, with the simple white shoes, the youth has no limit. We

a wear suspenders skirt can wake up full of girls feelings, clever Tan Songyun short strap, this vision looks more tall, short of the fairies can directly imitate oh. The atmosphere of fashion is no loss of pure wind. We

LOOK 2 coat collocation downneck retro

winter will follow Tan Songyun wearing a turtleneck, make yourself full of fashion sense, and collocation long coats, with very high sense. Ladies temperament bursting. We

take the white turtleneck more temperament, sweet and pure, easy clean and beautiful, is by age. And white does not pick skin color, for a lot of babies are more suitable. We

LOOK 3 sweater collocation pure sweet wind

a blue short paragraph sweater collocation in striped shirt, two big legs and thin and straight appearance as soon as this scene, and then catch the short jeans, vitality girl fan, 1.5 is the collocation a super

she had but a baby face thick legs name it! Compared with the previous airport street, the legs were really thin and straight, and after the legs were thinner, the temperament turned to the light and small sister. We

youthful sweater Tan Songyun no less wear, she prefers exposed stomach style, using A to high waisted A-line dress collocation, this dress can make her group 160 height seems 170 as the sense that. We

recently exposed a group of the latest portrait, eyes sparkling adorable creature, double ball head irregular tied in the head, the white sweater collocation furry shorts, so that the whole people such as elf funny and lovely, really is a girl full of vitality. The feeling of giving people is sweet! We

Tan Songyun wearing a baseball sweater exudes dynamism and vitality, originally she looks more lovely youth. Small insects by embroidery and beading elements made of sweater gives dynamic spirit, design color sleeves on both sides of the more modern fashion.