The wardrobe of the goddess is all this, it's too powerful!

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The wardrobe of the goddess is all this, it's too powerful!

2017-12-25 18:27:34 338 ℃

every woman's wardrobe is always a small piece of clothing, the first theorem of confirmation. But the first big tragedy of the universe is that the dress you want to wear when you see the man can't find it. In order to avoid this situation, quickly study the wardrobe arrangement.

stockings, underpants, Bra all kinds of small things in a mess? Try drawer dividers. ~

wardrobe hanging storage bag or label hanger, can be used to plan Monday to Sunday dress plan, whether to bear their own children or are very practical.

jeans can also hang up, curtain ring bath curtain ring can be used.

please fold up the same bedding quilt sheets and put them in the pillowcase. Don't ask why, you will come back to thank me.

PVC tubes can have a lot of unexpected use.

classification of laundry storage basket is very necessary, if you want to choose a convenient mobile wheels, Fangxing relatively Jane choose a folding sleeve.

ladder as a hanger is not only practical! ~

door top space should also be well used.

this open hanger is especially suitable for girls.

clothes always slide down from the hanger? You don't have to find the old rubber band tied tied up it began. Two

scarf, you any good.

on the neat towel posture and trousers folded: Wood clapboard.

when moving, do you think the clothes in the wardrobe are so hard and difficult to do? Just take the bag and hang it together in the new home.

too many shoes season after what can not find? It's good to stick every pair of shoes on the shoe box for once and for all.

if it is troublesome then buy a transparent receiving box.

buy a picture frame hanging jewelry. ~

this special hanging belt hanger, you deserve.

if the room space is not large, hang a large storage bag behind the door to install underwear, socks, panties, panties and stockings.

possession of Cheats: in the closet hangers are all upside down, wear after hanging on it, until a year later, those with a counter or not through the clothes, you can dispose of.

such a test, suddenly found that it is time to buy clothes.

wardrobe finishing, from today on, make room for new products.