A big hair style in 2018

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A big hair style in 2018

2017-12-26 00:34:19 451 ℃

today, the type of sister came to the contract,

in addition to a pit will be difficult to break out the short hair,

long hair has no small charm.

, you know, most men prefer girls with long hair. Though we don't cater to them, long hair does have unique charm of long hair, doesn't it?

sometimes stays too long for short hair, but also forgets its appearance when it is long. Sometimes it is not for the most suitable hairstyle, but for trying, or for changing a mood. This is here for all the long hair trends in the past 18 years, and have a good choice.

said that in the long hair long hair is the most all-match facial hair, but also most of the length of most love woman.

light golden brown hair color is very suitable for the white skin girl, small face delicate collocation of two dimensional fringe is also very amazing, this hair color is also very all-match straight hair and curly hair, very elegant a hair color.

single eyelid sister, if the nose is nice, try the fringe of the fringe of the fringe, then match the long hair of the woolen roll, , which is sweet and charming. golden brown hair color is not suitable for yellow skin girl, very white skin lining woman complexion more complexion. Hot air

large degree obviously face Oh, woman is best not to choose this kind of hair styling and face covering face, may be more cover more. The volume is not easy was old-fashioned, so choose white red brown hair color can be.

, the long hair hair tail is also recommended by you. In fact, look to know that a volume can be simple, not significantly old-fashioned.

looks like a layer of S perm stacking, with the almond brown as a whole especially tender. The most significant partial fluffy face, facial hair can be changed by a hair stick, add a playful sense.

is quiet and lovely with air feeling and perm. It is especially suitable for middle score or slightly partial bangs. It can create goddess feeling easily. dark brown hair stable and light ripening and no skin color.

all-match chocolate color with this volume is also worth a try, hair stick can easily create oh.

is similar to the midnight blue with black hair, which is very mysterious and low-key. A slightly curly princess cut tail will not be too monotonous. Still is the end of a volume can have the styling of stylish age reduction.

does not love hair girl can be considered for a rose dumpling hair color collocation , hair tail inner buckle to add sweet feeling.

of course, this hair color can also use a hair tail roll, but it will appear mature.

simple straight hair is also a good choice. After a lot of hot curls, straight hair is the best choice.

to start modeling is a little vague, white dark brown hair color collocation lazy fluffy big wave "/strong> unexpected little sexy.

wool coils will be relatively difficult to handle with long hair, but there is a doll's feeling. If

is too mature to finish, it can try slightly thicker shears and Ping bangs, and age reduction has a sweet sense.

, apricot brown hair collocation and long hair air roll is also very suitable for spring and winter. Oh, curl, and the cheekbones are slightly worn, so that it can perfectly decorate the face.

doesn't like to wear high pitched curly hair. It can consider modeling itself with curling stick, with a little radian.

light orange is relatively bright color hair color collocation, long hair not particularly loud, but will look more spiritual. The partial fluffy can modify many big faces.

long straight hair for white collar may not seem to be competent, level cut method is different, not only dry and refreshing, but also the neighbor's sister's gentleness. Woman a big wave of large collocation suits moonfaced

, the soft waves of the face can be modified in line, the collocation is not too immature.