This several winter coat, ninety percent off don't buy!

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This several winter coat, ninety percent off don't buy!

2017-12-26 09:30:21 256 ℃

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although fashion circle, has been the "demons and ghosts" infestation, every single product or a pop out, there are a few people refer to "what the hell?"

but as a daily wear, if it is not for fashion people to deliberately concave, people usually go to work or go to the streets, many styles are ordinary people can not live. The "text-align: start" style=

the following coat fairies selection must be carefully re cautious, not to wear special soil tend to show significantly older.

Tactic (teddy bear coat) bear coat this winter fire up, most of the Teddy bear coat or very good, welcome to the blog "this winter wear" bear ", did not have the nerve to say" fashion.

but choose the teddy bear coat without being capricious, and be very fussy about style and color, and carelessly wear "tyrant" or "grandma dress".

raw fur needs careful choice, such as dark brown fur with brown bears, and super models can also wear "grandma" taste. We

not to mention the old design style, such as T-shirts, and rustic buttons, or take some think beautiful patterns, beautiful Yan immediately Low off, in addition to "money". Is money". We

and long hair, easy to dirty, but behind may look like a "hairy monster". We

in addition, too strong Tactic shoulder wide wings bear coat, try to avoid the upper body, the effect is not as "bear", but also bear strong. We

"/1ydzximg/0HzDMZ2wEU" waist coat, down jacket

in today's oversized is the current mainstream fashion, we choose the winter coat, do not have to wear oversized styles, but waist style coat, down jacket or current fashion and a body consisting of misfits, countrified. We

jacket if you wear too oversized style, but also try to ensure a code will be more relaxed, stylish atmosphere, do not waist. We

if you want to show the waist, can be down jacket with belt, or waist drawstring a parka. We

coat in straight tube type H is the most common, also can choose A type or O type, the two models are better than those of H type fat, can choose according to their own the body needs. We

if you want to show the waist of the coat, the most simple way is to wear a belt, instead of cutting the waist. We

said a down jacket, down jacket wire, with wide spacing should be thinner than a wide spacing distance between more stylish atmosphere, fine pitch more suitable for outdoor sports wear. As a daily fashion outfit will be a "rustic". We

jacket outfit, fairies can also view the "old man down the earth? That's why you didn't see how they wore them