In the world of DIVA, half the word "bereavement" can not be seen

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In the world of DIVA, half the word "bereavement" can not be seen

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1998 Sex and the launched the "City" has become a classic female, not because it is used for 120 sets of Syria wrote a fantastic fairy tale, that is Disney's unique, "SATC" is its great difficulties, all girls love seeking attention has shunned the way, including the lost, and without embarrassment solution. That is why we have been able to see how Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha coexist with desire and reap the warm healing.

SATC four NvZhu, Charlotte the most placid, simply say this is a silly little white sweet. The pinnacle of her struggle with fate "moment" is not much, the first time, suffered a prenuptial agreement quasi mother-in-law tough battle, Miranda bestie graduated by the Harvard Law School to help deal with it, second times, but eventually hardships pregnant abortion bestie, and her husband are helpless, it encountered a real crisis, completely bedridden in tears... Until you see the "True. Hollywood Story about Elizabeth Taylor on TV.". The

star Elizabeth Taylor (Elizabeth Taylor) documentary who also advised not good Charlotte miss York was stubborn underground bed, out of the apartment to go to the Miranda son's birthday party, dress up, straight back, back to life.

she heard Taylor say in the documentary: "" Now is the time for guts and guile/ is now the time to take out courage and strategy. "

" like Ellizabeth Taylor Guangcaizhaoren

Elizabeth Taylor and Charlotte York who love active converted to Judaism, but the latter gives great courage is Taylor's fighter + survivor characteristics, and Taylor forever is not only a legendary beauty, love legend and legend and jewelry. The number of diseases and countless 100 surgery.

took her 12 year old "national velvet" when dropped, causing back pain followed for life, 29 year old pat "pneumonia nearly died infection Cleopatra", bring her dependence on painkillers and alcohol at the age of 59 years, recurrent pneumonia hospitalized for three months, 65 years old before the surgery remove brain tumors, then plus three hip replacements and a uterus removed, this beautiful woman for a lifetime of at least twenty large passive knife: " I went to the hospital the number of taxi and others frequently. "

but she still live a brilliant flowers twice: Oscar to win the title and winning role of great contrast: a prostitute (" Butterfield 8 /Butterfield 8 ") is another intellectuals (" /Who's Afraid of Virginia who's afraid of Virginia Woolf Woolf "), perennial trouble did not beat her and made her courageous to charity, because of AIDS research support the harvest of France's highest honor - the Legion of honor (Legion of Honor), Queen Elizabeth II awarded Dame medal and individual third Oscar trophy - Jean Hector shore Humanitarian Award (Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award).

" Taylor tasted the prosperous jewelry company

" also accompany her to enjoy the beauty of love

Taylor at least 7 times by the media rumor "dying", "New York Times" self wise and even long ago prepared obituary, she not only lived five seven husbands in the "new", even when she didn't write the obituary that she survived, she has been dead for six years. The "National Enquirer" said she was suffering from a foot dementia (Alzheimer's disease), she would wear a foot dressed high-profile holiday in Hawaii. In addition to setting up a plot that Charlotte is inspired by her to rekindle courage,

SATC aims to highlight her influence on Char, and also intends to let Char call her dog "Elizabeth Taylor". The screenwriter Michael Patrick King specifically asked for her approval. Taylor not only agreed immediately, but also sent many gifts to the drama group, including a handwritten card, which made the whole group feel upset. 7 years later, Taylor died. Her son read a statement in the Morning America radio show, calling her mother an outstanding woman: , "her life is full of passion, humor and love. "

, this is DIVA, larger than life (, I was lucky) they like great and eternal energy planet, every generation of girls need strength, warmth and cure, go near her, feel her.

"Taylor will only say Italy words, Bvlgari (BVLGARI)

" no matter how old, Taylor always shine

"what is success and happiness, I love to visit friends, but all the wonderful and special It differs from man to man. answer, I the love they state their definition of" success and happiness "that vision and certainty. For me, the so-called "success and happiness" is the "side one, side of the box, this is the dream of my life.

Elizabeth Taylor (Elizabeth Taylor) is Elizabeth Taylor, not because she has been married eight times, but because she will always love life, beauty and pleasure. The poor Sophia Roland (Sophia Loren) " philosophy is rather on the way to make mistakes, or for the sake of safe and jewelry is muddle along" her personal struggle and success.

Sophia Roland is Sophia