Also according to the selected face eyebrow? This is a direct promotion to let you master the eyebrow.

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Also according to the selected face eyebrow? This is a direct promotion to let you master the eyebrow.

2017-12-26 18:26:55 381 ℃

on the eyebrow, Tintin actually wrote two Raiders, one of them is how to determine the thickness and length of their eyebrows, shades, another one is how to choose their own eyebrow shape, curvature, eyebrow peak position. In other articles are interspersed with written about some tips of eyebrow of choice, but if not careful attention, may have also not very comprehensive.

so, today, Ding Ding put the point eyebrow comb, and to explain the eyebrow with a more direct and simple way, I guess if your boyfriend pull over, carefully read this article, you can begin to estimate design eyebrow immediately!

here we begin this a super simple and professional eyebrow Raiders!

why you always draw a beautiful eyebrows?

always feels that the eyebrows are not suitable for themselves. In fact, a great reason, do not know how to design their own eyebrow, painted what the lining of the face and facial features?

the first step is to understand the structure of

we first understand the structure of the eyebrows eyebrows, eyebrow is very complicated, but the structure is unified. When we look at the design of the eyebrow, as long as brow, eyebrow, eyebrow, eyebrow tail, the 5 at .

brow, Mei Feng, eyebrow point can be understood as three points, respectively is the starting position, eyebrow peak position, and ending position. We

brow near, can be far, that is to say there is the difference of distance between eyebrow. We

" can be high and low. We

" can also rely on, on the outside. We

at can be blunt, can tip. We

eyebrow eyebrow tail and can be understood as two lines, eyebrow is from the brow to Mei Feng this period, from eyebrow to brow eyebrow tail is the section of the. We

eyebrow can be straight, can be bent. We

"/1ydzximg/0Hz7fCzQoJ" eyebrow tail can be short and long. We

how eyebrows can be beautiful? After

's understanding of the structure of the eyebrows, let's look at how the eyebrows are a beautiful pair of eyebrows.

1, a proper "line feeling,

do not know why caterpillar like synophrys became popular a few years ago, but that the eyebrows really does not look good, and no characteristics, draw strong especially ugly.

most people are suitable for a proper eyebrow eyebrows , synophrys will appear dull without aura. We

" if you prefer those level synophrys, drop height can also be neat eyebrow tail and eyebrow waist to create "" sense ". We


thick, not thick eyebrows not beautiful eyebrows, should put the color center to Mei Feng this section in the second half of eyebrow, shade change from the brow to Mei Wei should be "light - concentrated light". The eyebrows must be natural and not thick. We

3 and eyebrow tail is not less than

this is not painted brow drooping eyebrow meaning, make them look more gas, more spiritual.

how to design a most suitable for their own eyebrows? The two part

read the above, we must have a basic grasp of the eyebrow. To design the eyebrow part, as long as we asked himself the following several questions, and answers, a step by step can choose the suitable eyebrow!

style can be preferred

often a reader asked if selecting type, modification methods and their style conflict how to do? In fact, if has its own distinctive style, is able to throw away the methods of modification to strengthen the style.

such as Li Yuchun's square face, if the modification must be short curly hair, but such a feminine taste is not suitable for her five senses. Peony Lim's square face, the five senses are very feminine, so she always loves to use long curly hair and red lips to collide the square face to the man's sexuality.

hair, makeup, dress, so eyebrow. When the unique style is formed, everything can be concession.

so if you have a gentle delicate classical temperament, that ordinary people can try a difficult choice, thin liuyemei, Curved Eyebrow waist.

, if you don't have to give priority to style, let's see how to choose the best