It's been hard work for a year, and at the end of the year you can see how you're going to get mixed up this year

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It's been hard work for a year, and at the end of the year you can see how you're going to get mixed up this year

2017-12-26 18:27:07 348 ℃

at the end of each company, the old drama -- the annual meeting of the necessary steps are getting closer and closer to us. Think about your company to work for a year, at the end of the year not to wear the dress, painting beautiful makeup and colleagues self fat friends circle how to afford the numerous overtime night. ~

"generation of sisters Yang Mi, Bea Hayden, Amber Kuo, Xie Yilin.

Liu Wen and friends photo

but want at the annual meeting of yiyanbuge Hold audience, but this routine Real deep behind, you see every best dressed in carrying the most powerful collocation skills!

in particular will dress, taboo is many, let the stars of the bloody lessons tell you what to wear and what collocation for you!

will dress taboo,

can not avoid these mistakes

Li Bingbing


are too random rough man would have to dress or dress up, after all, the boss will appear occasions, wear too casual shirt and jeans is certainly not, will only make you look as a graduate trainee or not, is not on the table of the rough man.

Guan Xiaotong

too grand = play fine

although the annual meeting is to encourage everyone to release themselves, but will also full of various efforts, some of the girls in order to present themselves for years will dress attention, choose style very exaggerated gorgeous dress, play fine reincarnation? Why don't you go to play?

Wang Likun


= sexy too exposed goods good figure of course to show up, but also remember to wear too sexy, but this year will be counterproductive, after all holding companies, leaders and colleagues in addition to enjoy the outside of your good shape but will give you another definition oh, so sexy dress or stay at Christmas Party wear it!


is too conservative =

and many veteran woman will own tightly wrapped to build from the thought of intellectual beauty conservative safety, although it seems not too many slots, but at the company party seemed old-fashioned and boring, not only let you in the crowd unremarkable, but also give people a a rigid impression.

Dongyu Zhou

Out= Jin Mu and

is called the classical goddess behind you, but normal people call out old-fashioned. Do you want to be too rustic become a laughing stock in the next couple of years? Just choose a western style fashionable styling!

, in fact, different attributes of the company for the annual meeting of the requirements of the dress itself is not the same, here to muddled girls a point.

little black is white collar workplace wardrobe must-have item, that year will need what to wear, wear little black dress - not go wrong! The proper addition of a bit of lace elements will not appear too simple or too open. The

reveals the most beautiful clavicle, and the feminine taste can not hide.

fit and slim version of the little black dress was thin, the effect is very good, but also can wear daily oh ~

to attend the annual meeting on the way of cold air strikes, is not to carry the girls just wearing a sexy dress, a plush cashmere fur coat more Aura, eye-catching suction eye, turned up a second party goddess.

Du Lala

entering the workplace of Du Lala who can choose suitable for everyday wear little dresses, both with the vitality of young girls and lively temperament, will not seem too deliberate and rob the leadership of the limelight.

can choose the overall minimalist style, but not too routine, add a little transparent chiffon, or a fluffy skirt, exquisite embroidery printing will make you more affinity and sense of style.

technology woman warrior,

for technical women soldiers, workplace women, especially women of mature age, do not want to dress themselves too much.