Woman, you do not thin these parts!

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Woman, you do not thin these parts!

2016-07-22 19:11:10 397 ℃

Although this is a thin era for the United States, but some parts often cannot too thin!

1, face

Thin face, Yi xianlao, will affect the facial features and facial contour lines of stereo, affect the appearance.

Especially the cheeks, temples will sag, with high cheekbones, is not easy to close.

Too thin face is aging, through the process of fat filling fullness, facial fullness, and the contour is soft, it seems more young.

2, chest

The chest is mainly the female sex, not too thin.

Fat is one of the most important tissue in the chest, chest fat is too small, it will cause the chest is too small. So a lot of women lose weight when it is found that the chest becomes smaller!!! So give up to lose weight.

There are some through the process of rapid weight-loss activities or diet, chest fat cells also follow the agile shrink, not only lead to the chest become small, and some may even be a chest drop.

A woman worries?

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3, hip

Hips too thin, flat buttocks, hips is not ideal, the lack of effect of hip peak figure curves.

United States "vacuum"

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