Hua Chunying laughed at the Japanese journalists and had a lot of powder. You were such a foreign ministry spokesman.

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Hua Chunying laughed at the Japanese journalists and had a lot of powder. You were such a foreign ministry spokesman.

2017-12-27 18:30:43 323 ℃

, Hua Chun Ying, spokeswoman of China's Ministry of foreign affairs, what's the general image of

is the calm atmosphere found?

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is a mild intellectual be neither humble nor pushy?

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or solemn Hengmeilengdui?

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it does not look like the following

hearty laugh!

you style= center >" has always been a solemn Foreign Ministry spokesman

why suddenly revealed Frank smile?

it also originated in a small misunderstanding

Hua Chunying accepted a Japanese reporter asked:


in June of this year was born in Tokyo

the people of Japan suffered net red panda Xiangxiang "text-align: style=

Print" />

12 19 July Xiangxiang

surface for the first time Open to the public, visit

Japanese reporter intention "text-align: center" > probably wanted Hua Chunying to talk to the Xiangxiang message.

who knows her words

between China and Japan reiterated the consistent diplomatic advocate

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Chinese reminded reporters after

Hua Chunying found himself wrong

it gave just said that Frank at

"> original Xiangxiang" and the Ministry of foreign affairs of Japan " Shanshan "

style= "text-align: center" > Japanese journalist English accent and a little heavy

why the "style= text-align: center"

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finally of course Hua Chunying answered the panda Xiangxiang problem

"> so pandas attract a lot of people is to promote the" little angel of love. The friendly exchange between China and foreign countries. ". We believe that Xiang Xiang will receive the friendly hospitality of the Japanese people in Japan. We also hope that Xiang Xiang can play a positive role in enhancing the relationship and friendship between Chinese and Japanese people and promoting the healthy development of Sino Japanese relations.

after this "text-align: style= center"

our Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying Ms.

but properly circle a "text-align: center" style= powder

Chinese users feel spring Ying smiled kindly

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even the Japanese netizens also moved by

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this Hua Chunying rare smile

has caused such a response to

may be because we all know that

is a very dignified and domineering the group

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Foreign Minister Wang Yi < /p>

in the face of foreign journalists to our people "text-align: center style=

represents the "King" exposed contempt ":