Shaky "carrying capacity"! The para princess had a set of five pieces of LOOK.

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Shaky "carrying capacity"! The para princess had a set of five pieces of LOOK.

2017-12-27 18:31:09 352 ℃

will become the new princess Meghan Markle has become the successor of Kate, can "take goods" members of the Royal family. The first time she took part in the Royal public activities (Public engagement), she appeared in a set of handy and feminine shape, and the bag on her hand was temporarily out of stock after carrying it.



from the UK native brand Strathberry is a very young brand, was founded in 2013. Although it is a British brand, but the brand bag is very experienced by the Spanish senior craftsman Handmade, each bag takes approximately 15 hours to complete the production.

Strathberry bag has a higher degree of recognition, metal decoration is a sign of the biggest brand leverage. In fact, before Meghan Markle used this package, Strathberry was well known in the British International Student circle and in the UK. The official website of the explosion is out of rhythm, all by Rob, that compared two years ago the price still rose a diudiu...... But Strathberry's official website is a bit good, which is to support global distribution, and it is a global price. A classic

Meghan Markle with a price of 495 pounds can be purchased from the

Meghan Markle is the most popular used, is the brand Tote series, regardless of the size or style are very practical. The whole bag gives people a very high level of feeling, not only because of the shape design, opening the bag, the lining is suede fabric, it is very good.

. The smaller sister suggested that Nano Nano should be chosen, which is similar to the style, but the packet size is much smaller. With the metal chain, the whole will be lively.

as the British brand, the most able to show the local design is undoubtedly the MC series. The classic Cambridge bag shape, but less tedious design of the buckles, plus the landmark metal decoration, generous and concise.

series and a shoulder bag is recommended for girls.

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Meghan Markle the star brand is really more than this one, the other set in each single product brand is said. The first thing I saw was that it was not easy to get out of fashion. It came from the Canadian brand Mackage, Meghan Markle, though it came from the United States, but after graduating from University, it lived longer in Canada.

coat is from Mackage, which sells for 750 dollars.

can buy

light from to see the coat. It may be strange, but Mackage bag may hit your fashion sense. The bag, which has an arrows in the buckle position, comes from the design of Mackage, which was once popular in the street.

, but in Canada, we all prefer the coat of Mackage. As we all know, the temperature in Canada is low, clothing will be warmer, such as the Canada Goose down clothes are such a reasonable fire. The same is true of Mackage's clothes, most of the winter money, and the Meghan Markle has also passed through the brand's leather jacket earlier.

coat from Mackage $690

Emma Roberts also can buy the brand from loyal fans, in addition to use bags, this iconic jacket in the winter when she is not from the body rhythm.

Emma Roberts in Mackage

down $750 can be purchased from

this year, Mackage got Sara Sampaio interpretation of Victoria's Secret AD, including flight jacket, coat...... It is a good choice to keep warm in winter. The biggest feature of the Mackage coat is that the style is classic enough, basically it is a style that won't be out of fashion for years, and it is very worthwhile to start.

down from the $750 Mackage

jacket from Mackage $890

from Mack