Kate Megan fashion status was threatened, in spite of the charity image out of fur to steal the spotlight

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Kate Megan fashion status was threatened, in spite of the charity image out of fur to steal the spotlight

2017-12-27 18:31:29 379 ℃

earlier GUCCI, MK, Jimmy CHOO, TOM FORD have made speeches, swear never to use fur in their products, so as to protect animal rights and interests.

do you think that fur can finally get out of the fashion line?


this week, including Kate, ladygaga, and even our 52 year old Carina Lau, put on fur.

woman ah, once falling in love with the fur, want to let them off, how easy?!

Lady Gaga wearing fur shopping supermarket

goddess Kaka always has an amazing style on the stage. I didn't even think of going shopping in a private supermarket. Not only do they do so directly on the cart, when the photos are posted on the Internet, the response of the netizens to the two poles is introduced.

goddess Kaka (Lady Gaga) always attracts the attention of the whole field on any occasion. Many times, even at the expense of "dew point performance", it is also necessary to set up a gesture of "sister is fashion". The day before a series of photos circulated on the Internet, not only the stage show more confirms Kaka exaggerated infinite, even privately other people remain perplexed despite much thought, wearing leather high-heeled shoes to the supermarket? It is unbelievable that the net friend shakes its head.

before Kaka and fiance to the supermarket, but was photographed paparazzi a fur a high-heeled shoes.

* "fashion" is the supermarket Kaka?

compared to many artists by paparazzi with the Xing style, days before online this series of Lady Gaga and her fiance Christian Carino supermarket photos, Kakasi did not show leisure attitude, but in a black dress, fur, black dress, sunglasses, and a pair of black high heels on shoes, even climb to the supermarket trolley, completely ignoring the side of human eyes. This resulted in a polarized response from netizens. Some people agreed with the fact that "the most beautiful woman is beloved" and "confident women", but the opposition was "too ugly". "," is she doing something? ".

also climbed into the trolley, trying to install cute, attracting netizens polarized response.

* hard to steal the spotlight!

had many times, perhaps in order to let Kaka pump layout or show "more exciting", do not hesitate to indecent action crazy show, or wearing extremely unreasonable exaggerated clothing, completely attacked a photographer's camera memory card, as is the beginning of this year the fifty-first Super Cup Kaka, "" death defying stunts, dew point performance impressive; Grammy awards ceremony pour V cut coat boldly exposing the southern hemisphere, is really frightening, kaka kaka can transcend.

to please the crowd, KaKa "dew point performance" is also OK!

no matter who is on stage or attending the award ceremony, how can it be strange that Kaka will not let go.

Kate leather hat in the Royal Christmas festival

Kate has been the incarnation of charity and love, but Princess Megan is about to join the royal family, are under threat status, was dispatched to stealing fur!

on the former Kensington Palace invited Megan to attend the royal family Christmas, and queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry's grandmother is to have dinner. This not only broke the tradition that the royal family was not formally introduced to the family feast, but would also lead to the first meeting of Kate and Megan.

Kate and Megan in two together with Queen Elizabeth salute, Kate looks familiar smiling, Megan is a little rusty.

"details". Kate end of British

fur hats for Europe and the United States surprise.

all the fashion brands are coming out to produce fur products, but the princess who has been tagged with love and care is still wearing fur.

but attempts from competing with Kate and Megan's dress, you can see two people in details in their fashion taste competing with each other.

Princess Kate, the long coat, from Miu Miu, is currently on the famous shopping website, the price is 2655 euros, not only can cover nearly seven months of gestation, and even to the queen.